Instagram is thriving with over one billion active users per month, and it is projected to get even more success in the coming years. The popularity the social media site is gaining makes it quite apparent that the demand for influencer marketing has also grown. Here we list ten tips what will help you out in coming up with your marketing strategy for Instagram. 

  1. Optimize Your Instagram Bio
    The Instagram bio is the little area below your username which tells the visitors what your brand is about and the type of content they can expect from you. Your bio should be engaging, captivating and most importantly, informative as this is the first thing someone sees when they visit your account.  Instagram lets you share a URL of your website or your portfolio, which can be a great way to drive traffic to where you want. Another link apart from your primary URL can be added, but it will not be clickable. Be sure to use a trackable link which will aid you in analyzing the traffic which comes from your Instagram page.
  1. Create a Content Calendar for Instagram
    Another very important step in getting the most engagement form your Instagram account is to show consistency in posting, and the perfect way to stay consistent is to plan a content publishing calendar. A content calendar will help you publish content when your audience is the most active. The content calendar should be divided into different primary fields having headings of: 

Video or graphic link
Day, date and time of publishing 

  1. Experiment with Curated Content
    When you have been in the marketing field for a while, you will notice you cannot always come up with captivating and creative content. It becomes exhausting for most marketers, and then the best way to keep your content engaging for your audience is to use curated content from relevant profiles. 
    Curated content comes with benefits such as branding yourself as an industry expert, making ties with influencers and getting the latest updates from Instagram. It’s easy and have enough potential to grow your number of Instagram followers. Be sure to credit the owner of the original content where due. 
  2. Incorporate Relevant Hashtags
    Hashtags are a very important part of Instagram and can determine whether your content reaches the right audience. According to Sprout Social, it has been seen that business profiles that use hashtags gain a 12.6% increase in engagement compared to those who don’t.  About a total of 30 hashtags are allowed on Instagram, but according to experts, the optimal number is 11. Another thing to remember is not to use overly popular hashtags. 
  1. Leverage Instagram Stories
    When it comes to high levels of engagement, none does it better than Instagram Stories. It has higher engagement rates than all social media sites put together. Your followers only need mere seconds to open up a story, making it a powerful tool to engage, impact and connect with your audience.  You can upload a new post on your blog and then upload a screenshot on your story hiding some part of it, tempting users to visit.  
  1. Give IGTV a Chance
    One of the biggest yet the prominent standalone video application introduced by Instagram is the IGTV. This feature allows the brand to post extended duration videos to show the larger picture of the content to the audience. This can either be for your product launch or different deals about your brand. You can start by posting a sort of teaser on your profile which can lead you to the extended version of that video that can vary from 15 seconds to 10 minutes easily. It is one of the most reliable platforms for major engagement so that they can leverage this feature in different ways. Many of them take inspiration from others and implement their strategies and campaign to it.
  1. Get Instagram Influencers on Board
    The community of users on Instagram who have shared the content often trendy relevant to the people worldwide is known as Instagram influencers. They generally give you tips and advice about any particular niche and are loved among the people.  You can make use of those influencers to get on board with those influencers on the platform. They provide you with more audience engagement that can lift your marketing strategies. 
  1. Widen You Reach with Instagram Ads
    Throughout Instagram, around 25 million business profiles are sending out organic engagements; however, it is quite daunting as to which one would win. It is a very smart means of getting more engagement and increasing your marketing theme. This way, you can not only increase engagement but also lead flows and conversions with the help of Instagram advertisements. An advertising platform for posting ads like every other platform sending out necessary data and in-trend products are Instagram Ads. It offers segmentation through likes, comments, and followers of the account. You can use a different mode of posting an ad, and this will be carried out through video, photo, story, collection, and carousel, as well. Instagram ads are one of the popular means of getting the most out of your profile.
  1. Go Live on Instagram
    Instagram live videos have become an ultimate trend these days either to hype your audience about the latest product or services you’re offering or the launch of those. It allows your audience to interact with you more conveniently and to deliver productive feedbacks.
    Instagram Live allows the consumers or followers to comment, questions, and provide a great deal of engagement as the Instagram software is notifying them about the pages that have started broadcasting their live sessions. This is a beneficial form of boosting the overall commitment of your brand. Instagram also provides you with the feature of saving your live sessions for 24 hours when you archived them.
  1. Respond to DMs and Comments
    The best way to level up your marketing strategy on Instagram is to get more interactive with people on the platform. You can respond thoroughly to their feedbacks and queries and carry out constant engagement via stories or direct messages.

The above mentioned tips are actionable and experimented, you should try them effectively. All that matters is quality, offer your followers quality and then expect a positive response in return. To learn more about social media marketing visit Followers Cart Blog.

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