Chrono is one of the most preferred characters in Free Fire. A section of fans still has Chrono as their primary choice even after his infamous OB27 nerf because of the vital skills that he possesses.

Free Fire has an assortment of versatile characters that suit different game plans. Players can obtain the character of their choice from the store. They can choose Chrono or a character that is either better or equally as powerful as him.

Free Fire: Characters that can match Chrono in a fight

5) Wukong

Wukong (Image via Free Fire)
Wukong (Image via Free Fire)

The Monkey King of Free Fire, Wukong, has an active ability to turn into a bush for 15 seconds. The character can revert to Monkey King form after he shoots at the enemies.

Wukong’s Camouflage is a pretty useful when it comes to waiting for enemies to reach a more vulnerable state before taking them down. Hence, Camouflage is the best ability to maintain stealth in Free Fire.

However, Wukong’s ability has an insane cooldown of 300 seconds, which can be reduced to 200 seconds at max level.

4) K

K (Image via Free Fire)
K (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire’s Captain Booyah has an active ability crucial to team support, rush and defense. K’s Master of All has two modes: Jiu-jitsu mode and Psychology mode.

The former can increase the EP to HP conversion rate by five times, while players can use the latter to have two EP gain every two seconds till they reach 100 EP.

Additionally, players will also get an increase in maximum EP by 50. Both modes don’t have a time limitation but a mode switch CD of three seconds.

3) Skyler

Skyler (Image via Free Fire)
Skyler (Image via Free Fire)

Players can launch a sonic wave by activating Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm. This sonic wave can further destroy as many as five Gloo walls within 50m.

Additionally, when players deploy the Gloo walls, the deployment results in HP recovery starting from four points. Riptide Rhythm has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Hence, Skyler is crucial for team support, defense and attack, especially when the last circles shrink and opponents place Gloo walls.

2) Dimitri

Dimitri (image via Free Fire)
Dimitri (image via Free Fire)

One of the two latest additions to the Free Fire line-up, Dimitri possesses considerable potential to become one of the best Free Fire characters ever. Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat, after activation, creates a healing zone of a 3.5m radius.

Players and their teammates can use the same healing zone to their benefit. The healing zone recovers three HP per second. Knocked out allies can also use it to self-recover and get up.

Healing Heartbeat’s duration is 10 seconds with a CD of 85 seconds, resulting in an early recharge of the ability.

1) Alok

Alok (Image via Free Fire)
Alok (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok, much like Chrono, has been one of the most popular Free Fire characters since his introduction to the game. The reason behind Alok’s cult-like following is his overpowered capabilities, which suit most of the playstyles.

Alok is an absolute team support, which increases the movement speed of allies by 10%. However, only the allies within the aura created by Alok’s Drop the Beat get the buff in agility.

At the base level, Alok’s aura also enables the restoration of five HP every second for five seconds. HP recovery is pretty vital in rushing on enemies in Free Fire.

Note: This list reflects the writer’s individual opinion.

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