There is an assortment of customizations that are available in Free Fire. Gamers can modify their favorite characters, their in-game accessories, and their guns. These modifications to Free Fire weapons are available in the form of gun skins.

Many gun skins hold a higher status in Free Fire due to their unique effects and capability enhancement. These Free Fire guns with special effects are often visually appealing and tactically superior to regular fights.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and is just a generalized one.

Guns with special effects: What are the best options available in Free Fire

5) The Executioner Kar98K

The Executioner Kar98K (Image via Free Fire)
The Executioner Kar98K (Image via Free Fire)

The legendary variant of Kar98K, The Executioner Kar98K, was first made available in-game during the Weapon Royale back in March. The legendary gun looks elegant with a golden and red design featuring a dope VFX of flames.

The Executioner Kar98K provides an increased armor penetration with enhanced range. Additionally, the movement speed takes a toll with this variant to balance out the buffs. The buffs and the nerf make this legendary Kar98K an excellent long-range option.

4) Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG

Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG (Image via Free Fire)
Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG (Image via Free Fire)

This AUG skin has a more futuristic look with a blue and purplish pink color design and the effect of waves circling the gun. The gun can be considered one of the most attractive guns due to its special effects.

Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG is a great weapon choice for medium to short-range with an increased rate of fire and upscale accuracy. The AUG variant, introduced when Garena launched the OB25 update, is available at 40 diamonds in the store.

3) T.R.A.P. Famas

T.R.A.P. Famas (Image via Free Fire)
T.R.A.P. Famas (Image via Free Fire)

The T.R.A.P. Famas has blazing special effects with golden, black, and red hot colors. The flames coming out of the gun give the T.R.A.P. Famas tremendous visual appeal.

Apart from the visual aspects, this Famas variant ensures a buff in the damage and range of the primary weapon. Players can acquire T.R.A.P. Famas for 40 diamonds from the Free Fire store.

2) Swordsman Legends SVD

Swordsman Legends SVD (Image via Free Fire)
Swordsman Legends SVD (Image via Free Fire)

One of Free Fire’s most visually satisfying skins, Swordsman Legends SVD, has blood red, golden, and pinkish-purple designs. There is a wheel kind of effect near the trigger with pink lightning VFX appearing at specific intervals.

Swordsman Legends SVD provides a mighty boost in the magazine’s capacity with a decent increase in damage. Both buffs make it an excellent weapon for one-shot or two-shot kills. The accuracy of the gun, however, takes a dip due to the skin.

1) Fiery M1014

Fiery M1014 (Image via Free Fire)
Fiery M1014 (Image via Free Fire)

M1014 variant, Fiery M1014 looks like a Ghost Rider equivalent of a shotgun with red hot scorching design and VFX. This gun seems like an ultimate threat to the enemies straight out of hell. Apart from the design, the weapon is also tactically potent.

Shotguns have great damage infliction over the ranges they are operable. Fiery M1014 ensures an upgrade to the already excellent damage rating of the base weapon. Along with damage, increase the magazine capacity of primary guns.

Although the rate of fire substantially decreases with this gun, that doesn’t matter since gamers can easily score one-shot kills with Fiery M1014. The M1014 variant is available in the Free Fire store for 40 diamonds.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer. Readers’ opinions may differ.

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