Players were overjoyed with the release of Free Fire MAX since it allowed them to enjoy the improved version of Garena Free Fire. In both games, characters play a significant role due to the unique abilities that they possess.

Having the appropriate characters will undoubtedly help users emerge victorious on the battlefield. Many players aim to progress through the ranks and reach the higher tiers in the game. As a result, they look for the best characters that they can put to use.

Disclaimer: The writer’s opinion is represented in this article, and the abilities listed below are at the highest level of each character.

5 most efficient characters for ranked matches in Free Fire MAX

5) Wukong

Wukong (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Wukong (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Ability: Camouflage

Wukong is probably the best character for the Clash Squad mode, and he also has a significant impact in battle royale matches. His ability can definitely help players with the duels.

When the Camouflage ability is activated, the user becomes a bush with a 20% reduction in movement speed. It lasts for 15 seconds but halts when players attack their opponents.

There is also a total cooldown of 300 seconds, which gets reset after the player eliminates an enemy.

4) Dimitri

Dimitri (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Dimitri (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Ability: Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri, modeled on the famous DJ Dimitri Vegas, was added to the game with the previous update.

The Healing Heartbeat ability generates a 3.5m-diameter healing zone with users and allies regaining 3 HP per second inside this. Furthermore, if they are knocked out, they can self-recover and get back up.

Dimitri’s ability is active for 15 seconds before a 60-second cooldown is imposed.

3) Chrono

Chrono (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Chrono (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Ability: Time Turner

Although Chrono’s Time Turner ability was nerfed in the recent OB30 patch, it is still quite potent and is frequently used at higher levels and by esports players.

Time Turner is used to producing a force field that prevents 600 damage from foes, providing instant cover. Their movement speed increases by 10% as well.

This skill lasts for 10 seconds and is followed by a 220-second cooldown.

2) K

K (Image via Free Fire MAX)
K (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Ability: Master of All

K is ranked second on this list, and Master of All is one of the most outstanding abilities in the game if users manage to combine the correct characters.

This character’s Master of All ability has two separate modes:

Psychology: Recover two EP every two seconds, up to a maximum of 150 EP.

Jiu-jitsu: 500% improvement in EP conversion rate

Players should be aware that the mode switch has a three-second cooldown. In addition, the max EP gets increased by 50, meaning that they will be able to garner a total of 250 EP in a match.

1) Alok

Alok (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Alok (Image via Free Fire MAX)

Ability: Drop the Beat

Alok is still the best character in Free Fire MAX due to his Drop the Beat ability. It provides a constant flow of healing to the players on the battlefield.

A 5m aura is generated, increasing the players’ movement speed by 15% and restoring 5HP per second. The duration of these two effects is 10 seconds. Following that, there is a 45-second cooldown period.

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