Clash Squad Season 7 commenced around a week back in Garena Free Fire, and several alterations have been made to the ranked system. The Grandmaster tier has been added, and the top 1000 players will be placed in the following:

  • Grandmaster I: Top 1 – 100 Players.
  • Grandmaster II: Top 101 – 300 Players.
  • Grandmaster III: Top 301 – 1000 Players.

Players look to reach the higher tiers, and for that, characters and pets play a crucial role due to their abilities. Chrono is among the best characters in-game and was added in December 2020 as a part of the collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.

This article discusses the pets that users can pair with Chrono in the latest Clash Squad Season 7.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the preference of the writer. The choice of pets is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

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Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono in Clash Squad Season 7

1) Rockie

Skill: Stay Chill

Rockie’s skill is one of the best that players can pair with characters who have active abilities. It brings down the cooldown time of the equipped active skill by 6% at the base level.

At the highest level, it can lead to a decrease of 15%, helping users immensely by reducing the cooldown of Chrono’s ability.

2) Detective Panda

Detective Panda in Free Fire
Detective Panda in Free Fire

Skill: Panda’s Blessings

The next pet on this list is Detective Panda, who has an ability named “Panda’s Blessings.” Using it, players will be replenishing 4 HP with each kill at the base level. It enhances upon being leveled up, and at max, users will be receiving 10 HP after every frag.

The additional HP can sometimes come in the clutch for the players during a Clash Squad match.

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3) Dreki

Skill: Dragon Glare

Dreki is among the newer pets that have been added to Garena Free Fire. The Dragon Glare skill shows the location of one foe using a Medkit within a range of 10m, lasting for three seconds.

Concurrently, at skill level 3 (maximum), players will spot four opponents utilizing Medkits in a radius of 30m. This ability lasts for five seconds.

Knowing the location of the enemy can be used by users for their benefit.

4) Beaston

Beaston pet in Free Fire
Beaston pet in Free Fire

Skill: Helping Hand

Beaston’s Helping Hand raises the throwing distance of a grenade, gloo wall, flashbang, and smoke grenade increased by 10%.

The same becomes 30% at the highest level of the pet. This would enable the players to use the respective utility items more efficiently.

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5) Ottero

Ottero pet in Free Fire
Ottero pet in Free Fire

Skill: Double Blubber

Ottero also has a fantastic skill in Free Fire. With Double Blubber, users will recover some additional EP while using a Treatment Gun or Medkit, which is 35% at the base level.

The maximum amount of EP that the users would recover becomes 65% restored when the players apply Medkit or Treatment Gun. The EP will be slowly converting to HP.

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