PUBG Mobile Lite has some of the most versatile weaponry in the mobile battle royale genre, from pistols to Sniper Rifles. Players can carry two primary weapons and a secondary weapon (Pistol).

With so many options in weapons, it is tough for players to choose the ideal weapon combination. A good gun combination can help players acquire more kills while also assisting teammates during various situations.

This article dives into some of the best primary weapon combinations for aggressive players in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile Lite

Note: In PUBG Mobile Lite, players need to shoot bullets to knock down enemies constantly. Therefore, this list only shares high-damage gun combinations.

1) M762 + M416

Beryl M762 (Image via
Beryl M762 (Image via

M762 is renowned for its high damage, and M416 is a good choice for long-range spraying. While the M762 has a heavy recoil, M416 is much more stable. Both these weapons together can be a great option for mid-range and close-range combats.

2) M416 + DP28

DP28 (Image via
DP28 (Image via

M416 and DP28 are the best combinations for players who like to engage in long-range battles. DP28 feeds on 7.62mm ammunition and deals high damage over long distances with great stability. On the other hand, M416 will be beneficial during mid and close-range battles.

3) M416 + Groza

The Groza is an airdrop weapon with the highest damage in the Assault Rifle category. Groza has high recoil, but with a red dot sight and a suppressor, it can be lethal in close-range battles.

With a 6x or 3x scope attached and suitable attachments (compensator, foregrips, etc.), M416 can take down enemies over long and mid-range distances.

4) M249 + SKS

M249 (Image via
M249 (Image via

The M249 is also an air-drop weapon that is renowned for its enormous magazine capacity. M249 requires 5.56mm ammunition and deals high damage in close-range.

SKS belongs to the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) class which has an incredible range and high damage. With a 6x or 8x scope attached to the SKS, players can easily take down enemies and rush on them with M249.

5) AKM + Scar

AKM and Scar both belong to the Assault Rifle class in PUBG Mobile Lite’s weaponry. However, the heavy recoil of AKM makes it difficult for the players to use it in mid-range. Hence, AKM can be used for close-range combat, while Scar will be useful for spraying mid and long ranges.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer.

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