GTA 5 RP streams have recently seen a sharp increase in viewership, with the HTRP server being one of the most popular in India.

Roleplay worldwide has experienced heightened interest on Twitch and YouTube since GTA 5 RP became the new craze in streaming. India is no different as gamers in the region love roleplay streams. There is also a case to be made for the Indian gaming scene boosting the title because some of the most popular streamers from the region are playing GTA 5 RP.

Hydra Town RP (HTRP) is one such server created by Dynamo Gaming and frequented by prominent YouTubers. This article dives into some of the most popular streamers on the HTRP server.

The growing popularity of GTA RP has given birth to memorable streams on the HTRP server

#5 – JokerKiHaveli

Gulrez Khan, better known to his fans as JokerKiHaveli, is a gaming YouTuber with around 38k subscribers. He joined the platform in 2016, and most of his videos include GTA 5 RP and PUBG gameplay. In GTA 5 RP, he often creates parodies based on real-life situations and references, with various made-up characters. His streams are funny and highly entertaining.

#4 – Hastar BTC

Gopal Sarda, known by his YouTube name Hastar BTC, is a professional PUBG player who has played for various esports teams like Team Indian Tigers, Team Orange Rock, and Team Godlike. His GTA 5 RP gameplay videos on the HTRP server primarily include ingenious heists and robberies, with his character Hastar Mehra, the self-proclaimed Robbery King.

#3 – Emperor Plays

Vipul Agarwal, better known as Hydra Emperor, streams GTA 5 RP on Emperor Plays’ YouTube channel. He joined YouTube in 2018 but has managed to get around 243k subscribers on the platform in such a short time. He is also one of the top members of the Hydra Clan led by Hydra Dynamo.

#2 – Cosmic YT

Cosmic YT is a variety streamer whose real name is Inderpal Singh. With around 643k subscribers on YouTube, he has a ton of GTA 5 RP content to keep viewers entertained. He has also implemented some unique ideas around roleplaying, like playing Among Us on GTA 5 RP.

#1 – Dynamo Gaming

The Hydra Town RP server and the Hydra Clan team, Aditya Sawant, better known as Hydra Dynamo, is one of the biggest gaming streamers in India. He has more than nine million subscribers on his YouTube channel Dynamo Gaming, where he regularly uploads GTA 5 RP streams. His character Shiva Nayak is a popular character on the server, playing the role of a police officer.

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