Squad vs Squad fights in Free Fire are some of the most intense moments of a match. With bullets flying everywhere and skills being used liberally, things can get confusing.

To avoid this confusion during the heat of a battle and improve the chances of winning every Squad vs Squad engagement, there are a few tips that players should follow.

Top 5 tips to follow in Free Fire to improve Squad vs Squad fights

5) Ensure that loot has been distributed evenly among the teammates

One of the most important things Free Fire players need to do before engaging in a Squad vs Squad fight is to ensure that the loot has been distributed equally. If a teammate is left without a proper weapon or low on ammunition, they are liable to falter during a fight and may get eliminated early.

To avoid this scenario, players should always divide loot equally and help teammates collect whatever supplies they need. If there is a shortage of loot, players should share their own.

4) Have at least one long-range specialist in the squad

Having at least one player in the squad who excels at long range will be an invaluable tool during Squad vs Squad fights in Free Fire. Being able to land headshots or damage the enemy from afar before rushing in will be hugely beneficial in more ways than one.

For starters, shooting from afar will force the opposing team to find cover, which will essentially pin them down in one spot. Furthermore, opponents injured will have to use medkits, EP, or skills to heal, which will either lower their supply reserves and/or cause their skills to cool down.

3) Always have one teammate who has a character with support abilities

Having a teammate that has a character with strong support abilities is always useful during a Squad vs Squad fight in Free Fire. They are invaluable to the team and can shift the tide of battle with ease.

Characters like Alok, who increase movement speed and heal teammates, or Dimitri, whose special ability creates an aura in which players can heal and self-recover, will always come into use during a match.

2) Teammates that have characters with aggressive abilities should rush in first

When initiating a fight or rushing towards the enemy’s position in Free Fire, teammates that have characters with aggressive abilities should be the ones on the front line, followed by support class and characters with passive skills.

Chrono is a very popular aggressive character due to his ability to create a Force Field, which stops incoming fire but allows players to fire from within. In addition to Chrono, Skyler is also a very good choice when it comes to pushing the enemy. His special ability allows players to rip apart gloo walls, rendering the opponent without cover.

1) Plan ahead before starting a match

The most important tip to remember to improve Squad vs Squad fights in Free Fire is to plan ahead. Players should plan as much as possible before the match starts. This will help clear out any confusion or doubt that teammates may have regarding their role during a match.

This will allow the team to decide where to land and which characters to use for maximum effectiveness. Players should take as much time as needed to plan to avoid getting confused during the match and increase the odds of securing a Booyah.

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