The Ranked stats slightly differ from the Lifetime stats because these stats are only noted in the Ranked season of the Free Fire Garena.

And Ranked stats for Born2Kill was total squad matches 60 and he occupied 11 victories and these victories converted to a win rate of 18.33%. In this mode, he racked 503 kills and he maintains the K/D ratio of 10.27.

In ranked season also Born2Kill played duo matches with his competitive players and he secured 8 booyah’s among 67 matches, he maintains a win rate of 11.94. With the monster kills of 441 and he got a K/D ratio of 7.47.

(Note:– Mentioned stats in this article were noted at the time of writing this content. They are changing as the player Born2Kill continues to play more matches means it will make changes as per the time of noting the stats.)

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