Psyonix has announced that Batman will be coming to Rocket League as part of the game’s Haunted Hallows in-game event running now until November 1.


This year’s event is themed around Batman’s supervillains, with items such as the Jocker Dominus Decal, Harley Quinn Wheels, and the Poison Ivy Boost. Players can also claim a free Dark Knight Player title as a log-in reward.

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The Rumble game mode is temporarily transformed into Gotham City Rumble. It has the same gameplay, but now the power-ups are based on Batman’s villains. For example, Harley’s Hammer replaces the Boot while Poison Ivy’s vines appear instead of the Grappling Hook. There is also a new Arena variant called Beckwith Park (Gotham Night), which contains easter eggs from the Batman universe.

The Item Shop also sees the return of the 1989 Batmobile, The Dark Knight’s Tumblr, and the 2016 Batmobile. Each of these Batmobiles comes with a Reel Life decal, which mimics the black color depicted in the movies. Additionally, there are three Bat-Signal Goal Explosions that show off the Bat-Symbol from these three different eras of Batman.

Rocket League is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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