Battlegrounds Mobile India recently received a major update following the v1.50 APK. The new update rolled out a new cyclic season, and the old season system was scrapped off.

Amidst all these happenings, there has been a growing disparity in the gaming community. The cause of all this is due to the absence of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the iOS interface.

Ever since the beginning, Android users have been getting all the updates regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India. In contrast, gamers with an iOS interface have been eager to know when the game will be released in the App Store.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Popular PUBG Mobile influencer indicates iOS release date

The absence of the popular Battle Royale title in the iOS interface has left some fans dejected. Gamers have been waiting patiently for PUBG Mobile to make a comeback, and the unavailability in the App Store has added to their misery.

Popular PUBG Mobile streamer, Kronten recently dropped a major hint regarding the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS interface.

In one of his streams that went live on July 11th, Kronten claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India would be released for iOS users within a week. Gamers are hopeful that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be rolled out within a few days in the App Store.

In another stream that went live on July 13th, he once again claimed that the game would be released within a few days.

The v1.50 update has introduced the new cyclic season C1S1. Gamers are hopeful that iOS users will be able to be part of the Battlegrounds Mobile India gaming experience from this new cyclic season that recently kicked off.

Undoubtedly, iOS users have been suffering a lot due to the absence of the game on the App Store. The developers rolled out the pre-registration drive for Android users. Gamers were also assured of exclusive in-game items upon pre-registration. However, players with an iOS interface not only missed out on pre-registration but also the in-game skins that were rewarded by Krafton Inc.

Android users also received the Early Access version of the game on June 17th, followed by the official release of Battlegrounds Mobile India on July 2nd.

Time and again, the developers have assured iOS users that the game will be coming soon on their devices. However, to the players’ disappointment, the game is yet to be released for the iOS interface.

The statement from Kronten adds a bit of hope to the gaming community. It is anticipated that the game will be released within a few days. However, without an official statement from the developers, it is quite difficult to confirm any news regarding the same.

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