Battlegrounds Mobile India has been making headlines since it was announced on May 6th. The upcoming battle royale title will bring PUBG Mobile back into the country, albeit in a revamped manner.


Krafton Inc. has developed the game exclusively for the Indian gaming community. Therefore, gamers are eager to know about the various aspects of the game. PUBG Mobile fans have also wondered about the changes that will take place in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The developer has teased several in-game items and maps through official social media posts. This article will summarize every announcement and reveal significant details, including the confirmed maps and gears.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: In-game items and confirmed maps

The pre-registration drive for BGMI commenced on May 18th, and gamers wasted no time registering their devices. The response was impressive, and the developers recently revealed that over 20 million pre-registrations had been achieved.

One of the most debated topics for a while was regarding maps in the Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players were wondering whether the upcoming title will have the same maps as PUBG Mobile or if there would be changes in them.

The official social media posts reveal many details regarding the maps as posters and trailers show a glimpse of the same.

The first teaser that hit the internet showed a bunch of in-game characters dropping into a red rocky region. The map closely resembles Miramar, and gamers are hopeful that the upcoming title will have a similar map.

Several posters released by Krafton teased the coastal region of the Sanhok map as well. Gamers anticipate that Battlegrounds Mobile India will have a similar map.

Pre-registrations for the game reward users with specific in-game items. The developers teased these prizes with two in-game characters wearing free cosmetics.

The characters were standing in an area with a close resemblance to the Spawn Island of the Erangel map. Gamers were excited to find out that Erangel might also be included in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Apart from the maps, players were also eager to know about the various gaming gear.

Krafton released a poster earlier that showed a level three helmet silhouetted against a bright source of light. Another teased the inclusion of the UAZ off-road vehicle.

PUBG Mobile fans also got a glimpse of the iconic cast iron pan in several posts.

Social media posts revealed a lot of details regarding the maps and gears that will be a part of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game is expected to be released in the third week of June. Therefore, gamers can expect a few more leaks and teasers in the coming weeks.

Krafton is yet to officially confirm the release date for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Therefore, gamers are advised to keep an eye on their official websites and social media sites for any official announcement.

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