Garena’s flagship product Free Fire is among the hottest mobile shooters as of now. The game consists of a number of characters the place every certainly one of them have their very own signature skills which can be helpful in-game. Similar to characters Free Fire additionally packs buddies referred to as ‘pets’ and they don’t seem to be only a beauty merchandise, however pets do possess distinctive skills. Here we’ve got summed up the 5 most helpful pets in Free Fire.

1. Mr. Waggor

Price- 699 Diamonds

Skill- When Players run out of Gloo Grenade, Mr. Wagger provides one each 120 seconds at Level 1 and 100 seconds at Level 2.

In-Game Description- ‘Once a guinea pig within the lab, Mr. Waggor was introduced residence as a pet on account of his cuteness. That led to his nice escape and subsequent wandering life.’

2. Detective Panda

Price- 699 Diamonds

Skill- Detective Panda heals gamers by 4HP with every kill at Level 1 and 7HP at Level 2.

In-Game Description- ‘I’ll defend the world!’

3. Robo

Price- 699 Diamonds

Skill- Robo provides an additional protect to the gloo wall offering a further 60 HP at Level 1 and 80 HP at Level 2.

In-Game Description– ‘Once a useful home robotic, Robo ended up on this island after wandering astray.’

4. Ottero

Price- 699 Diamonds

Skill- While utilizing a Med Kit or Treatment Gun, by way of Ottero gamers may also recuperate EP 35% of the HP restored. The quantity of EP recovered will increase to 50 % at Level 5.

In-Game Description- ‘Sleeps with its headphones on, a musically proficient otter.’

5. Falco

Price- 699 Diamonds

Skill- Falco supplies an additional 15 p.c glide submit skydive alongside a 25 p.c enhance in diving pace as soon as the parachute opens up. These numbers enhance significantly as soon as the pet degree will increase.

In-Game Description-  ‘When it spreads its wings, and soars, sky and land merge on the horizon.’

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