Sensitivity settings are crucial for making headshots in Free Fire. They are responsible for the camera movement in-game and significantly influence a weapon’s recoil control.

However, making headshots is not easy, and players need a lot of practice and aim precision to perform accurate headshots. To improve the accuracy and ADS (Aim down sight) reflexes, players need to get the optimum sensitivity settings for their device.

This article shares the best sensitivity settings in Free Fire that players can use as a base to find their own sensitivity settings to perform accurate headshots.

Note: As sensitivity varies from device to device, players might need to tweak the settings according to their device.

Step-by-step guide to select best sensitivity in Free Fire for making headshots

The settings shared below can be used as a recommendation to get the best sensitivity for making headshots in Free Fire:

Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for making headshots in Free Fire
Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for making headshots in Free Fire
  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 100
  • 2X Scope: 95
  • 4X Scope: 85
  • AWM Scope: 75
  • Free Look: 70

These are the steps that players need to follow to change their sensitivity settings:

Step 1: The “Settings” icon is available in the upper right area of the menu screen.

Step 2: The “Sensitivity” tab will appear with the new menu.

Step 3: Players can change the settings mentioned above in the tab displayed on-screen.

Crucial tips to make headshots in Free Fire

The most important point for getting better at headshots is to practice a lot with the newly applied sensitivities till players get accustomed to it. However, performing drag headshots is one of the most beneficial methods to connect headshots.

Players can execute drag-headshots by aiming at the body of the target first. Then while shooting, they need to drag the crosshair towards the head of the enemy. The crosshair will automatically lock on to the head of the enemy and will execute a precise headshot.

Alongside practicing headshots, players must try to control the recoil of weapons. They can do so by swiping their right thumb vertically downwards on the screen while firing. This helps reduce the recoil of a gun significantly. It also helps in improving aim accuracy and thus, improves headshots.

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