Free Fire sure is one of the viral games on today’s date. Players from all over the world love to play the game. Also, they love the in-game stuff very much. Free fire has in-game currency “Diamonds”, There are many ways to buy free fire diamonds.

Free Fire has tons of cool game items like gun skins, outfits, exclusive characters, rewards, events, etc. And to get all of that, we need Diamonds. Diamonds are the most valuable item in the Free Fire game. We always need Diamonds to buy gun skins, unlock characters, and of course the events. The events are the most exciting and we need a lot of Diamonds to participate in them and to get all those exclusive event rewards. So, are you one of the players who are always hungry for the diamonds? If yes, then today you will about to know some of the best and genuine ways to get the Diamonds in Free Fire.

I have seen many players who look for diamonds in Free Fire. New players who have just joined the game don’t know that we have 3 ways to get those diamonds. Yes, today in this article we will know about all the 3 ways to get diamonds in Free Fire. Also, there is a bonus tip in the end for some free Diamonds. Don’t forget to check.

How to Purchase Diamonds in Free Fire

I must let you all know that Free Fire only allows players to make the diamond purchase with the Google Play Credit. Players can not use the payment directly with the Credit Card or Debit Card. So, to purchase Diamonds in Free Fire, players can add credits to their Google Play Account and make the purchase with it.

4 ways to add credit in Google Play account

Credit Card or Debit Card

Bank Account BHIM UPI ID

Net Banking

Redeem Codes

Follow these steps to buy Any Plans Mentioned Below-

Open your Free Fire game.

Log in with Facebook or Google Play Account.

Visit the Diamond Recharge Section.

Choose your Plan and Click on Buy.

Complete the Payment.

Get your diamond in your Free Fire account.

In case you don’t have none of these options. Then, I have explained how you can buy diamonds by using Paytm Wallet, Google pay or UPI ID from a different website.(you can use the link here)

3 Ways to Get Diamonds in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has 3 options to buy and get diamonds. Players can use any of these 3 methods to acquire Diamonds on their Free Fire account-


Buying a Membership is the best way to get diamonds in Free Fire. There are two different types of Memberships which are Weekly Membership and Monthly Membership. To check the Membership, Go to Free Fire Lobby>Diamond Icon on top left corner>Membership.

The Weekly Membership is 159 rupees and the Monthly Membership is 599 rupees.  

Weekly Membership Benefits: With this purchase, you will get 60 diamonds for the daily login that means a total of 420 diamonds in one week.

60 Diamonds Daily(420 in total)

Special Weekly VIP icon card.

Earn 211% Extra.

Monthly Membership Benefits: Players can also go for this deal. With this membership plan, you will receive 60 diamonds daily for 30 days.

60 diamonds daily(1900 in total).

Get Instant 100 Diamonds.

Earn 238%

Monthly VIP icon card

Use Weekly Offers to get Diamonds and Vouchers

Rather than going for Diamonds only deal, players can also buy bundles from weekly offers. Free Fire brings new offers every week. These weekly offers include amazing in-game items along with the diamonds.

In these special offers, players have to pay the price for the bundle that includes some diamonds, weapon royal vouchers, character vouchers, pet vouchers, and more.

The amount of Diamonds depends on what offer or bundle your buying. To visit the offer section, Go to>Free Fire Lobby>Diamond Icon on the Top>Weekly Offers.

Free Fire Diamond Top Up

The most instant way to get diamonds by doing the Top-up in Free Fire. Sometimes we need more diamonds to buy items in Free Fire. The Membership and the offers won’t get us so many diamonds. In that case, we can use the Top-ups.

Free Fire has 6 Top-up plans. Each plan can get you a certain amount of diamonds for a certain price. I am giving the Top-up information below. You can also check the top-up value by visiting the Diamond Top-Up section. To visit Go to>Free Fire Lobby>Diamond Icon Appears on the Top>Top-Up. From here you can check all the 6 Top-Up plans.


80 Rupees = Diamond × 100

250 Rupees= Diamond × 310

400 Rupees= Diamond × 520

800 Rupees= Diamond × 1,060

1,600 Rupees= Diamond × 2,180

4,000 Rupees= Diamond × 5,600

As we all know that Free has 3 different ways to purchase Diamonds. We can get Diamonds by purchasing the Diamond Top Ups. Also, I would suggest you Visit This Link to learn how to get 100% Bonus Diamond with Every Top-Up Plan.(Link here maybe)Final Words. So, here are all the genuine ways to purchase and get diamonds in the Free Fire game. Players can make a purchase with their google credits. You can also use Paytm Money to buy diamonds. To know how to buy with Paytm directly, Visit here.


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