In recent years, battle royale titles have stood out as the most popular games in the community, and titles such as Garena Free Fire, BGMI, and PUBG Mobile have earned quite a reputation from players across the globe.

The popularity of these gaming titles is due to a lot of factors. While some offer a thrilling gaming experience, others are compatible with low-end devices. Each of them has its own unique properties and attributes.

Players often engage in debates and end up comparing two or more gaming titles. Recently, gamers have been curious to find out which game between BGMI and Garena Free Fire is better for high-end Android devices.

Garena Free Fire is not quite the game for high-end devices

The meteoric rise of Garena Free Fire in the last few years has been commendable. The gaming title has garnered quite a lot of attention and boasts millions of active players.

BGMI, on the other hand, is comparatively new to the market. Developed by Krafton Inc., the title was released to bring the PUBG Mobile experience back to the Indian gaming community.

To deduce which title is better for high-end devices, we’ll have to take a look inside the system specifications of both games.

Garena Free Fire is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher and requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM. BGMI, on the other hand, requires Android 5.1.1 and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.

Based on the system requirements, it is clear that Garena Free Fire is compatible with low-end devices, whereas BGMI will require a device with higher system specifications.

In terms of gaming graphics, the two battle royale titles are starkly different from each other. Garena Free Fire offers a low graphical quality as it is compatible with low-end devices. BGMI, on the other hand, offers almost realistic gaming graphics, and players even have the option to switch to the UltraHD mode.

The difference in the frame rate of the two gaming titles helps in making a concrete call. Garena Free Fire offers a maximum of 30 FPS of gameplay, whereas the gameplay of BGMI is somewhere between 30-60 FPS.

In high-end devices, the frame rate goes beyond and offers around 90 FPS of gaming experience, making the title quite realistic.

It is evident that the high system requirements, UltraHD graphical settings, and higher frame rates shift the verdict towards BGMI. Gamers who have a high-end device should definitely opt for the battle royale title from Krafton.

Garena Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games in the market at this moment. However, it fails to make the cut when it comes to high-end Android devices.

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