For those of you who have been hoping for Black Friday deals on late 2020 Apple MacBook Air and Pro laptops and Mac Mini desktops with the new Apple M1 chip, you’re in luck! Adorama is offering $100 off almost every model. If you haven’t been catching up with the latest and greatest, Apple put in their very own CPU/GPU combo in their latest batch of Mac Minis and 13″ MacBook laptops. Initial benchmarks show that this new chip is a speed demon that generates less heat and consumes less power than the Intel chips that Apple has used in previous models. The most positive benchmarks show that the Apple M1 chip outperforms every Intel chip installed in a current MacBook Pro. Synthetic benchmarks don’t necessarily paint the entire picture, but that is an extremely positive outlook nonetheless. The best thing about this whole thing? There’s no ridiculous price markup!

Black Friday Deals on MacBook Air & Pro Laptops w Apple M1 Chip

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Black Friday Deals on Mac Mini PCs w Apple M1 Chip

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