CD Projekt could soon be facing yet another Cyberpunk 2077 problem, arguably bigger than having to offer refunds to upset players: a class-action lawsuit.

According to VGC, multiple law firms, as well as a CD Projekt investor, are looking into a class-action suit related to potential misrepresentation by CD Projekt. The company could be accused of breaking an SEC rule that makes it unlawful to operate “as a fraud or a deceit upon any person” during security transactions.

In other words, this potential lawsuit would see investors taking aim at CD Projekt rather than the customers who bought the game. Given the massive drop in share value for the company over the last week, this isn’t a huge surprise. Several of the executives and co-founders of the company have reportedly lost over $1 billion in their own stock value since the game’s launch.

CD Projekt Red admitted that it hadn’t given the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Cyberpunk 2077 enough development time before their December 10 release, and we saw almost nothing from these versions prior to their launch. The games run particularly poorly on those platforms, with frequent drops in frame rate and stability issues. It isn’t exactly polished on PC, either, as we pointed out in our Cyberpunk 2077 review, and it remains to be seen how the full next-gen versions turn out on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Last week, Xbox and PlayStation both began offering full refunds for the digital versions of Cyberpunk 2077. Best Buy followed suit on the physical version, as did CD Projekt itself. For those looking to request a physical refund, you have until tomorrow, December 21.

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