The developers of Free Fire regularly bring in new characters and adjust existing ones. In the OB27 update, Chrono was nerfed and Wukong received a significant buff.

The two have become some of the most widely used characters in Free Fire due to their incredible abilities. These are 2 of the best characters for aggressive gameplay due to their incredible ability.

Chrono character in Free Fire

Chorno has an ability called Time Tuner (Image via Free Fire)
Chorno has an ability called Time Tuner (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Time Turner (Active)

Even after the nerf, Chrono is still one of the top choices among the players. His Time-Turner ability is extremely useful in rush gameplay.

Using Chrono’s skills, players can create a Force Field, which can act as a cover. It blocks a total of 600 damage from opponents. Another feature of this ability is that it increases players’ movement speed by 15%.

These effects last for 8 seconds at the maximum with a 170 second cooldown time. Players should have a Rockie pet to reduce the cooldown period.

Wukong character in Free Fire

Wukong character in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
Wukong character in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Camouflage (Active)

After the Free Fire OB27 update, Wukong has become one of the widely used characters. The character with the active ability lets the user transform into a bush for 10 seconds.

However, this transformation will stop as soon as players attack their foes. There is also a massive cooldown of 200 seconds.

However, this cooldown automatically resets when players take down a foe. Itcan be used to get the upper hand over the foes in close-range encounters.


In Clash Squad mode, the long cooldown of Chrono’s ability can be a significant drawback due to the short duration. On the other hand, players can use Wukong to transform into the bush and sneak up to foes. Later they can decimate the enemies effortlessly with shotguns, which can provide an advantage

In battle royale, Chrono has a versatile ability that can be decisive at a crucial juncture in the game. It can be used when opponents rush on your team or when players wish to revive a teammate in the open.

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