Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski is working on a new project and it involves dogs. The games industry veteran recently showed off new teasers for his new thing, which isn’t necessarily a game.

The striking art shows off a dog overlooking a futuristic city with flying cars in the background. A second image shows a different dog with human-like hair. An acronym “R.E.C.C.S” can be seen at the bottom of the picture, and Bleszinski invited fans to guess what it might stand for.

The artwork was done by One Pixel Brush, a AAA concept art studio for games, animation, and film. It previously worked on franchises like Call of Duty, Uncharted, and The Last of Us, as well as Bleszinski’s own LawBreakers at the defunct studio Boss Key.

In 2020, Bleszinski said in an appearance on Animal Talking that, if he were to ever make another game, it would be “something small,” and possibly involving dogs.

“Like the whole ‘kid with a lost dog’ thing where he and the dog are trying to get back to New Jersey from the Grand Canyon,” he said (via Fanatical).

After leaving Epic Games following big success with the Gears of War series, Bleszinski took time off before starting a new studio, Boss Key, that released LawBreakers in 2017. Boss Key closed in 2018, and Bleszinski has since kept busy with his Broadway musical projects like Hadestown, which was a massive success and won the overall Best Musical at the 73rd Tony Awards.

Bleszinski is also known for his restaurant investments in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and for his upcoming memoir.

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