Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches for consoles and PC this week, which makes Nvidia’s latest Game Ready Driver a timely reminder to make sure that your GPU is updated beforehand.

The latest Game Ready Driver adds support for Cold War specifically, ensuring that Nvidia-specific features that the shooter supports will work at launch. This includes DirectX-enabled ray tracing as well as support for Nvidia’s Deep-Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), latency reducer Nvidia Reflex, and Nvidia’s screenshot tool, Ansel.

Nvidia Reflex is also being added to Destiny 2 just ahead of the launch of the game’s latest expansion, Beyond Light. On certain supported GPUs, Nvidia says that latency can be reduced by up to 49%, with the biggest winner in its provided graph being the older GTX 1660 Super. Nvidia Reflex requires specific implementation from a game’s developers but is supported all the way down to Nvidia’s GTX 900 Series.

The latest update also adds day-one support for two other big game releases this week: Godfall (which also launches on PS5 on November 12) and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Both will benefit from the optimized performance and support with Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Nvidia is also adding another four monitors to its G-Sync compatible list. These monitors all support FreeSync but have been verified by Nvidia to deliver a smooth and reliable experience with software-based G-Sync on. The additions to the list are:

  • Acer CP3271U
  • Xiaomi Mi 245 HF

You can download the latest GeForce Game Ready 457.30 WHQL driver here or through the GeForce Experience app on Windows 10.

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