Activision is back to celebrate Call of Duty Mobile’s 2nd Anniversary with their huge Season 8 update, featuring the new Blackout Battle Royale map, a new single-player experience, new items and events, a brand-new Battle Pass, and much more.

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Activision for mobile gamers. The game was globally released on 1 October 2019. In the first year of its release, the game generated over US$480 million with 270 million downloads. The game will be completing its two years on 1st October 2021.

To celebrate this major milestone, they are bringing all kinds of goodies and surprises to the upcoming season. New Battle Royale map, New single-player experience, and major upgrades, events, and other anniversary content. Season 8 will be going live on September 22 at 5 PM PT on the 2nd anniversary. Read our complete article to know the complete details.

Battle Royale 2.0 Update: New Blackout Map, Health System, and More

2nd Anniversary will bring substantial upgrades to the Battle Royale experience, starting with the arrival of Blackout. The original Battle Royale map that players first experienced in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming to mobile, including all its later additions like Hijacked and Nuketown.

The Battle Royale health system is changing, too. Instead of looting health-restoring items on the map, players will now regenerate their health over time, with armor providing additional health points. Armor now comes in three varieties: Armor Repair, Advanced Armor Repair, and Kinetic Armor Overcharger, each providing more armor than the last.

Improved Visuals, Looting System, and NPC Missions

Expect new and improved visuals throughout Battle Royale, as well as a new weapon-looting system. Players will no longer discover weapons of different rarity levels on the ground; instead, they will find base weapons with no attachments and then upgrade them with weapon attachments of various rarity levels. This gives you the chance to build out your weapons the way you want.

Prepare for a new single-player experience, too! Take on the role of a captured soldier rescued by Captain Price during the retreat from Isolated. Engage in epic combat and link up with the rest of the UAC across Blackout.

Season 8 also revamps some of the core Battle Royale classes and adds improved vehicle handling and UI, along with other updates set to push Battle Royale to the next level. Stay tuned in-game for further notes and details when 2nd Anniversary launches.  

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