Coin Master simply monetizes on spins that generate coins based on the current rank(village progression).

Coin Master combined with the idle game genre by simply being the game you can play when you cannot play or experienced with some other games genre. By the simple methodology, you can play this game without any interaction between the game because they show the procedure with automatic startup and they show what the things are in the game with that automation startup.

In a world where multitasking is second nature like the game can be run in the background of watching Netflix or listening to music, Coin Master ensures its audience is always making progress while they continue to not do something. And at last why it suitable for everyone means it includes battle, building village, treasure hunting, raiding and etc., and many of them like spinning, with this simple idle methodology(Because of this Coin Master is Successful)

Because of this idealogic, Coin Master is the most popular and successful idle game in the world.

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