The cookie clicker is an idle game. You’re no need to sit there clicking the cookie you’re meant to leave it on in the background while it makes cookies for you, and occasionally come back to spend cookies on upgrades.


In the initial game, the static style is efficient. Upgrades like the golden lock and the shimmering veil optimize for idle cookies per second(cps). But in the late game, the best way to process is with an active playstyle.

Golden cookies:-

Because every five minutes or so, a golden cookie spawns, if you click it in time, you get a random temporary bonus like a cookie Frenzy, which increases your cookie production by seven times for one minute.

The best effect is the building special, which temporarily multiplies your rates of production. Based on how many buildings you have in-game. So depends on that if you have hundreds of buildings, that can multiply your cps by thousands of times over. 

And if you can stack multiple multipliers together, you can increase production by millions of times over. And this cookie production is infinite. You can spawn more golden cookies with the Grimoire Reddit minigame unlocked at the Wizard Tower. The problem is that a system designed to make cookies is not designed to make well-being with justice and happiness.

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