Name Developer Genre Synopsis A Fold Apart Lightning Rod Games Puzzle A story journey the place you fold paper and uncover your inside needs. A Monster’s Expedition Draknek Puzzle From a number of the greatest puzzle designers on this planet comes A Monster’s Expedition, an lovely and stress-free open world puzzle journey for monsters who like to find out about people. Agent Intercept PikPok Action This is an motion driving game the place you will be swerving round corners, accumulating new powers, and taking pictures down choppers, all whereas zipping previous bullets. Alba: a Wildlife Adventure ustwo video games Adventure An exquisite journey game that explores how everybody could make a distinction on this planet even with the smallest of actions. All of You Alike Studio Puzzle All of you is a stunning puzzler the place you will look to information a slipshod hen as she embarks on a journey to seek out her misplaced chicks Assemble With Care ustwo Puzzle From the studio that brought you Monument Valley, comes a story about taking things apart and putting ourselves back together. ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree Wildboy Studios Adventure ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree. ATONE is a Norse mythology-inspired, hand-drawn game that blends interactive storytelling and complex puzzles with a rhythm game combat system. Ballistic Baseball Gameloft Sports Put your baseball strategy to the test in live head-to-head matches where you’ll choose the perfect pitch to strike out opponents, or swing for the fences on your way to becoming a champion. BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner BattleBrew Action BattleSky Brigade Harpooner is a shoot’em up and “fishing” game. Shoot open barrels and enemies and avoid obstacles on the way up, like a classic vertical shoot em’ up! Beyond a Steel Sky Revolution Software Adventure Sequel to the classic adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. Beyond Blue E-Line Media Adventure Beyond Blue takes you into the near future, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the mysteries of our ocean through the eyes of Mirai, a deep sea explorer and scientist. Big Time Sports Frosty Pop Sports Big time arms, big time legs, small time heads. This is the wide world of whacky sports. Big Time Sports pays homage to an era when video games were exhilarating and competitive in spite of their simplicity. Bleak Sword Devolver Action Bleak Sword is a dark fantasy action game tasking players to struggle across compact, cursed diorama battlefields. The Bradwell Conspiracy A Brave Plan Adventure Following a sudden explosion at the Stonehenge Museum fundraiser, you find yourself trapped in a hidden underground complex. Butter Royale Mighty Bear Games Action Food fights galore in this family-friendly battle royale Card of Darkness Zach Gage Puzzle Embark on an epic hand-animated adventure from Zach Gage, Pendleton Ward, and Choice Provisions. Cast powerful spells, slay fantastic monsters, discover ancient secrets, and ultimately save the world — just by picking up the right cards. Cardpocalypse Gambrinous RPG Save the world through trading, dealing and battling cards in your highschool in this hilarious story-filled CCG Cat Quest II The Gentlebros RPG Kitties go on an exciting quest with paw-puns. Charrua Soccer Batovi Sports Multiplayer soccer for all of your friends. ChuChu Rocket! Universe Hardlight Puzzle A reimagining of Sega’s classic puzzle game franchise. The Collage Atlas John William Evelyn Adventure Explore a beautiful, hand-drawn world where everything has been painstakingly created with pen and ink on paper. Creaks Amanita Design Adventure The ground starts shaking, light bulbs are breaking – and something rather unusual is happening right behind the walls of your very room. Equipped with nothing but wit and courage, you slowly descend into a world inhabited by avian folk and seemingly deadly furniture monsters. Cricket Through The Ages Free Lives Sports Swing bats and throw balls through the intertwined histories of humankind and cricket in this one button, physics-driven game. Crossy Road Castle Hipster Whale Platformer Bring your friends and see how far you can get in this endless spinning tower of arcade fun! Keep climbing as high as you can. Every run is different. Dead End Job Headup GmbH Action Ghostbust for minimum wage in this stylish twin-stick shooter. Dear Reader Local No. 12 Puzzle Dear Reader lets you curl up and play your favorite books, turning classic literature into clever word puzzles. Unscramble passages from famous books, unlock unique puzzles, and add new books to your library. Decoherence Efecto Estudios Strategy Build robots from a wide variety of components. Plan a strategy to carry you to victory. Fight as a pilot alongside your bots in exciting PvP matches or test your mettle in the single player Entropy Tribunals experience! Discolored Shifty Eye Puzzle A lonely roadside diner in the middle of the desert. The locals say it’s lost all its color. You are sent to investigate. Dodo Peak Moving Pieces Puzzle Play as a dodo bird to find and rescue your lost babies from a series of dangerous peaks. Maneuver them home while avoiding obstacles and enemies! Don’t Bug Me! Frosty Pop Strategy Commander Abigail Blackwell begins the emergency extraction protocol. As she rests and recharges her solar batteries, the pesky local Martians are making her life miserable. With Martian attacks looming, Houston most definitely has a problem! Doomsday Vault Flightless Puzzle Earth’s climate has collapsed and your mission is to collect the precious remaining plant life and return it to the safety of the Doomsday Vault. Down in Bermuda Yak & Co Puzzle An unnatural storm leaves an adventurous aviator stranded for decades within the infamous Bermuda. Overcome creatures of the deep and unravel the islands secrets in search for a way back home. Dread Nautical ZEN Studios Strategy Zen Studios welcomes you aboard a cruise liner called the Hope for one of the most unique gaming experiences on Apple Arcade. A tactical turn-based RPG with rogue-like elements, Dread Nautical combines immersive gameplay with a cartoonish — yet captivatingly eerie — tone.

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