Deputy Chief Minister of the Indian Capital, Delhi has formally announced its support and allegiance to the growing industry that is Esports. In a closed event at the Delhi Chief Minister’s Office, India Today’s Vishwalok Nath and Delhi’s lawmaker Manish Sisodia unveiled Delhi Dukes, a team that will participate at India Today’s ESPL.

India Today’s ESPL season one of Free Fire is currently underway with registrations blowing the charts breaching a million mark. The event is currently in its third leg out of the four and is heading towards becoming one of India’s most anticipated and premier mobile gaming events.

It speaks of a unique franchise-based model where states would represent the teams. In a rather fascinating move Vishwalok Nath, Head of Esports & Gaming at India Today Group along with Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia have drawn the curtains for the finale which is scheduled for later this month.

ESPL has already attracted millions of eyeballs with top content creators and gamers being official partners of the event, which will fundamentally alter the notion of gaming and its career opportunities in India. Aaj Tak has partnered with Garena, Infinix Mobile, EsportsXO, Playtonia, and your favorite esports portal, TalkEsport, for the debut event of ESPL.

Esports is one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries of the world and India is not far in the league. Estimations for the year 2022 say India will record more than 400 million casual and competitive gamers, a number which was poised to grow following a few successful years.

This unveiling is a significant mark in the history of esports and gaming in India as a sitting Deputy Chief Minister of the Indian Capital has opened up in promoting the growth of esports and gaming in India.

More details about the franchise-based model will be out soon.

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