The Season of the Splicer brings a brand new customization system to Destiny 2: transmogrification. The system means that you can change armor items to seem like different armor items, supplying you with a better diploma of beauty management of how your Guardian seems. But the transmogrification system, referred to as Armor Synthesis, is a reasonably dense and complicated one. It requires you to collect and use new sorts of forex to purchase new bounties and facilities on Ada-1 within the Tower.

Working by way of the Armor Synthesis system requires you to work by way of a narrative quest, then tackle new bounties to earn one thing referred to as Synthweave. But the way you get Synthweave requires a bit of labor. Here’s the whole lot it is advisable to find out about Armor Synthesis so you can begin transmogrifying your armor and customizing your look.

Complete The Armor Synthesis Mission

Talk to Ada about the way she's reworked the Black Armory and help her complete the Loom.
Talk to Ada about the best way she’s reworked the Black Armory and assist her full the Loom.

To get entry to the Armor Synthesis system, it is advisable to head to Banshee-44 within the Tower and decide up a narrative mission to finish. That’ll direct you to satisfy with Ada-1, a significant character through the Season of the Forge final yr. Ada dispatches you to Europa to collect some key items of kit from the Braytech facility there. This is simple sufficient to find–head to the Braytech Exoscience in Cadmus Ridge and head into the primary huge room of the power and comply with Ada’s directions to get the info and gear you want.

You'll need key pieces from Braytech Exoscience on Europa to complete Ada's project.
You’ll want key items from Braytech Exoscience on Europa to finish Ada’s venture.

With these gadgets in-hand, return to Ada-1 within the Tower and you’ll end her new merchandise, the Loom. This factor is essential to transmogrification, as Ada explains.

New Appearance Customization Interface

Next, you may get a fast walkthrough of the brand new Appearance Customization interface, accessed from the Character menu display. On the customization interface, you may choose any piece of armor and apply each shaders and Universal Ornaments. Those ornaments are what help you change the look of a bit of armor–essentially, making use of the decoration makes the armor piece change its look to a different armor piece. The factor is, once you first entry Armor Synthesis, the one Universal Ornaments you may have are those you’ve got bought from the Eververse Store or earned from season passes. You can create ornaments from every other piece of armor saved in your Collections tab, however you may want that decoration utilizing Ada’s Loom.

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Ada offers you a pattern of Synthweave to be able to create your first Universal Ornament; try this by simply clicking on any decoration within the customization interface that has a lock icon on it, and comply with the prompts to unlock it.

To get extra Synthweave so you may make extra ornaments, you may must comply with Ada’s steps. That’s the place three new currencies and Ada’s bounties are available.

Synthstrand, Synthcord, And Synthweave

Once you've got the Loom built, you can get more Synthweave to create additional Universal Ornaments.
Once you’ve got obtained the Loom constructed, you will get extra Synthweave to create extra Universal Ornaments.

To get extra Synthweave, you may want to interact in a reasonably prolonged course of. First, it is advisable to earn a distinct forex referred to as Synthstrand. This is a typical merchandise you may discover in your character’s Inventory. Synthstrand is fairly straightforward to come back by; enemies will drop it after they die and it looks as if you may earn it for finishing actions, so anticipate to choose up a good quantity of Synthstrand only for enjoying the game. Your objective is to seize 250 items of Synthstrand at a time.

When you will have 250 Synthstrand, you may return to Ada and commerce them for an Armor Synthesis bounty. These bounties apply to 5 completely different sorts of exercise: Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, dungeons, and raids. They’re expensive, so select which one you wish to do rigorously. We have not investigated the opposite kinds of Armor Synthesis bounties, however discovered our first, the Strike bounty, to require a good period of time to finish. It required incomes a complete of 200,000 factors in Nightfall strikes, which labored out to be three complete Nightfall runs on Heroic problem (since that one carries matchmaking).

Synthstrand is used to buy bounties from Ada; completing them gets you Synthcord; and the Loom turns Synthcord into Synthweave.
Synthstrand is used to purchase bounties from Ada; finishing them will get you Synthcord; and the Loom turns Synthcord into Synthweave.

Completing an Armor Synthesis bounty awards you Synthcord, your second new forex. Our Strike bounty awarded 100 Synthcord, and we aren’t positive but when you’ll earn extra Synthcord for taking over bounties from raids or dungeons, which appear to be more durable actions.

When you will have 100 Synthcord, you may take it to the Loom and convert it right into a Synthweave–good to unlock one Universal Ornament. So the speed of trade appears to be roughly one bounty for one piece of armor.

There are some caveats to the system, nonetheless. You can solely purchase 10 Armor Synthesis bounties from Ada-1 per season, per character class–which means you may solely create 10 Universal Ornaments for every of your characters in a season. What’s extra, once you full an Armor Synthesis bounty, the Synthcord you are awarded is particular to the category of the character you accomplished the bounty with. Thus you may’t earn Synthweave along with your Hunter however spend it on Warlock Universal Ornaments–the Synthweave is particular to the character with which you earned it.

There is a common model of Synthweave that is not tied to a selected character, referred to as a Synthweave Template. This is the model of Synthweave you should purchase from the Eververse Store for Silver, Destiny 2’s premium forex. A single Synthweave Template will run you 300 Silver, whereas 5 Synthweave Templates prices 1,000 Silver.

Synthweave you earn through gameplay is tied to the character class that earned it, but you can purchase Synthweave that works for any character in the Eververse Store.
Synthweave you earn by way of gameplay is tied to the character class that earned it, however you should purchase Synthweave that works for any character within the Eververse Store.

In common, 100 Silver is equal to at least one US greenback (though the extra Silver you purchase in a single transaction, the extra “bonus” Silver you get, lowering the fee a bit). Therefore, a single Synthweave Template will price you about $3, whereas shopping for 5 Templates brings the fee all the way down to $2 every.

Efficient Synthweave

Generally, it looks as if one of the simplest ways to get Synthweave simply and with out having to pay for it’s to only play the game at your individual tempo and regulate your Synthstrand numbers. Any time you hit 250 Synthstrand, it’s best to head to Ada instantly and get a brand new Armor Synthesis bounty, keyed to no matter exercise you intend to be enjoying within the close to future. That method, you may earn Synthweave as you are in any other case enjoying the game–if you attempt to grind, it looks as if the Armor Synthesis system will develop into an actual ache in a short time. But when you purchase it as you are enjoying usually, it is a way more easygoing system.

The caveat to that’s ensuring you earn all attainable Synthweave you may on all three characters, ought to you will have them. You’ll want to finish 10 Armor Synthesis bounties on every character for a complete of 30 bounties. We’re nonetheless investigating what these bounties are like, however that appears a bit time-consuming. When now we have extra info, we’ll replace this information with perception as to which model of Armor Synthesis bounty is essentially the most environment friendly solution to rapidly earn Synthweave.

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