The Dawning has begun as soon as once more in Future 2, including some festive cheer to Bungie’s recreation with yuletide-themed occasions, rewards, and quests. Very similar to final 12 months’s Dawning occasion, the 2021 version will see you zipping in regards to the photo voltaic system as you ship cookies, combat off enemies with Stasis-enhanced snowballs, and earn some new gear within the course of. You can participate within the occasion from now till January 4, retrieving substances from vanquished enemies that can be utilized to craft Masterwork supplies, weapons, and assets.

Whereas you can get your palms on some basic Dawning weapons and kit in case you missed out the primary time they have been accessible, there are additionally some new objects being launched this 12 months. Zephyr is likely one of the highlights, as this new sword has the potential to roll with the Chilly Metal perk that enables it to inflict Stasis on enemies. Different weapons now have a brand new set of perks utilized to them, and in the event you’re fortunate, you simply may get one in every of these useful perks the subsequent time that gear drops for you.

For extra Future 2 options, try our Dawning 2021 Recipes information, our full Dares of Eternity information, and our Gjallarhorn information on how you can receive the fabled rocket launcher.

Future 2 Dawning 2021 Weapon Rewards

  • Avalanche – Machine Gun
  • Chilly Denial – SMG
  • Glacioclasm – Fusion Rifle
  • Zephyr – Sword

Future 2 Dawning 2021 Weapon Ornaments

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  • Cheerspreader – Riskrunner SMG decoration
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  • Compliance – Anarchy grenade launcher decoration

The newest set of Dawning-themed armor will not be low-cost, as you may have to cough up both 6,000 Vivid Mud or 1,500 Silver per character for a full set. Any armor ornaments unlocked as a reward will see that value for the total package deal decreased.

Future 2 Dawning 2021 Warlock Armor Ornaments

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  • Dendrite Shimmer Cowl
  • Dendrite Shimmer Gloves
  • Dendrite Shimmer Robes
  • Dendrite Shimmer Boots
  • Dendrite Shimmer Bond

Future 2 Dawning 2021 Hunter Armor Ornaments

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  • Dendrite Shimmer Masks
  • Dendrite Shimmer Grips
  • Dendrite Shimmer Vest
  • Dendrite Shimmer Strides
  • Dendrite Shimmer Cloak

Future 2 Dawning 2021 Titan Armor Ornaments

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  • Dendrite Shimmer Helm
  • Dendrite Shimmer Gauntlets
  • Dendrite Shimmer Plate
  • Dendrite Shimmer Greaves
  • Dendrite Shimmer Mark

Future 2 Dawning 2021 Vainness Objects

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  • Vapoorwill Spin – Unique Ship
  • Silkivory Vanish – Unique Ship
  • The Misplaced Engine – Unique Sparrow
  • Cross-EDZ Symphony – Unique Sparrow
  • Icicle Rush – Unique Sparrow
  • Elegant Guard Shell – Unique Ghost Shell
  • Giftwrapped Shell – Unique Ghost Shell
  • Ugspun Shell – Unique Ghost Shell
  • Ice Carving – Unique Emote
  • Snowball Battle – Unique Emote
  • Ski Stroll – Legendary Emote
  • Snow Bunny – Legendary Emote
  • Wrestle Skate – Legendary Emote
  • Slapshot – Finisher
  • Snowfolk Projection – Ghost Projection
  • Tangled Projection – Ghost Projection
  • Justified Cobalt – Legendary Shader
  • Malibeaux Bronze – Legendary Shader
  • Polycarbon Powder – Legendary Shader
  • Sharkbite – Legendary Shader
  • From The Ashes – – Legendary Emblem
  • Lightstring – Legendary Emblem

Future 2 Dawning 2021 Mods

  • Bountiful Harvest – Dawning bounties reward an extra random ingredient.
  • Important Harvest – Dawning bounties reward a small quantity of Dawning Essence.
  • Merrymaker – Obtain a Boon of Friendship every day from Eva Levante.
  • Perkier Presents – Throughout Dawning 2021, Dawning weapons have an opportunity to drop with an extra perk in the suitable column.
  • Perky Presents – Throughout Dawning 2021, Dawning weapons have an opportunity to drop with an extra perk within the left column.

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