If you’ve been looking to add a comprehensive collection of classic and modern first-person shooters to your Switch library, then the Doom Slayers Collection looks like a good place to start. Listed on Best Buy ahead of an expected announcement at QuakeCon this week, the $50 collection includes the original Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom 64, and 2016’s reboot of the Doom franchise.

This isn’t a new bundle, as The Doom Slayers Collection was previously released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles in 2019. As for Doom Eternal, Id Software still has plans to continue supporting the game with a Horde mode that will replace its initial plans for a multiplayer invasion mode.

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QuakeCon takes place from August 19-21 and will spotlight upcoming games from Bethesda such as Deathloop, Fallout 76, and Quake Champions.

One of the other surprises for the all-digital event appears to have leaked early as well, as a “revitalized” Quake was briefly mentioned on the show schedule before it was pulled. A listing on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board has also listed the classic FPS for an upcoming release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch.

To stay up to date on what to expect from the show, you can check out our QuakeCon schedule page.

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