Pets and characters are a very powerful features of Free Fire. With their distinctive skills, they considerably help gamers on the digital battleground.

There are a number of pets obtainable in Free Fire; nonetheless, not all are appropriate for each participant. In a battle royale game, there are two kinds of gamers: aggressive or passive. Free Fire is not any exception and sees many rushers commonly taking part in the game.

This article compares Free Fire’s latest pet Dreki with Spirit Fox, one of the crucial widespread pets within the game, to search out out which one is best for aggressive gamers.

Assessing the talents of Dreki and Spirit Fox in Free Fire

Dreki’s capacity in Free Fire – “Dragon Glare”

Dreki in Garena Free Fire
Dreki in Garena Free Fire

Dreki has a particular capacity often called Dragon Glare. In its most elementary type, this talent can establish opponents utilizing medkits inside a 10m radius. However, the power solely lasts for 3 seconds.

The Dragon Glare capacity boosts at talent degree 3. At that degree, it could actually detect opponents utilizing medkits inside a 30m radius. Also, the power lasts for about 5 seconds.

Spirit Fox’s capacity in Free Fire – “Well Fed”

Spirit Fox in Garena Free Fire
Spirit Fox in Garena Free Fire

Spirit Fox has a novel talent known as Well Fed. When enabled, this capacity can restore an extra 4 HP when the participant makes use of a well being pack.

This talent boosts at pet degree 7 and talent degree 3, the place it recovers an extra 10 HP when the participant makes use of a well being pack.

Verdict: Which pet is best?

Both Spirit Fox and Dreki are nice pets to have within the game. They possess distinctive abilities and are helpful for each passive and aggressive gamers. But for the higher good thing about aggressive gamers, Dreki is barely extra advantageous than Spirit Fox.

Dreki can scan the encircling space and find enemies making use of medkits. This pet also can scan behind partitions. Thus, it permits aggressive gamers to instantly rush to the enemy base.

Spirit Fox can be very useful, however its capacity is extra targeted on a passive taking part in model. Hence, it’s safer to say that Dreki is a greater pet for aggressive gamers in Free Fire.

Disclaimer: This article solely displays the opinion of the author. The selection of pets is a person determination, and prioritizing one over the opposite depends upon a person’s taking part in model.

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Published 06 Apr 2021, 10:39 IST

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