The Green Criminal Bundle, one of the rarest bundles in Free Fire, has been brought back as part of the 4th-anniversary event.

Free Fire has an abundance of cosmetics, including incredibly enticing and alluring bundles and outfits. Players purchase them for their visual appearance, and they do not have an impact on their gameplay.

The game’s developers regularly add new ones as rewards from the latest events and reintroduce the older ones.

Players usually cite the name of the Green Criminal Bundle when discussing the rare bundles in the game.

It has now come back as a grand prize of the new Raider Spin event, which the developers have added for the 4th-anniversary celebrations. Finally, they stand a chance to acquire this rare bundle once again.

Garena Free Fire adds rare Green Criminal Bundle to Raider Spin

The Raider Spin event has the Criminal Bundle as the grand prize (Image via Free Fire)
The Raider Spin event has the Criminal Bundle as the grand prize (Image via Free Fire)

The Raider Spin event started today and will close on 20 August. Several items are available in the event, but the Green Criminal Bundle is the center of attraction.

During this period, users will have to make spins using diamonds to obtain one of the ten items at random.

Since the items can be repeated, they are not guaranteed to obtain the Green Criminal Bundle within a specific number of attempts. As a result, the number of diamonds required can vary considerably depending on the gamers’ luck.

The Green Criminal Bundle was available in late 2018 as an item for redemption in the store. Players had to collect Lucky Stars to obtain it. However, because of the difficulty in getting these stars, not many could claim it, thus making it a rare commodity in Free Fire.

Other criminal bundles, including Red, Purple, Blue, and Yellow, were released as part of the Incubator in early 2019. This was one of the first few incubators, and thus these are also quite rare.

The 4th-anniversary events will bring in more cosmetic items, including bundles. The developers have a poll on their official pages about the relaunch of the iconic old bundles.

Players will have to vote for their favorite bundle, and the top three will be brought back in future events.

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