Free Fire All-Stars 2021 Americas is scheduled for August 6th to August 8th. FFAS is an annual festival event in which Garena provides participants with a platform to share their experiences. The participating members are chosen according to fan votes.

A total of 12 teams from three regions (North America, Brazil and LATAM) will compete in FFAS Americas. Each team will have at least two influencers and will be represented by an iconic dish from the region.

What’s happening in Free Fire All-Stars 2021 Americas

Schedule of the event:

The first day of the event will be played in Bomb Squad mode on August 6th. Players from all three participating countries will each field one team in a single-elimination play. Top-ranked teams will advance to the semi-finals. Each of these rounds will follow a best of three format until the semis. The finals will follow a best of five format, with the winner taking home $10,000 USD.

The second day (August 7th) will be played in Clash Squad mode. This contest will be similar to Bomb Squad, where eight teams will be competing for $10,000 USD prize money.

The third day will be exclusively dedicated to Battle Royale, where all 12 teams will compete on three different maps for six matches to determine who will be crowned the champion. The games will be played on the Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari maps and the prize money will be the same, i.e. $10,000 USD.

Teams participating in Free Fire All-Stars 2021 Americas:

1. Team Hotdog

2. Team Burger

3. Team Taco

4. Team Chimarrao

5. Team Pudim

6. Team Pastel

7. Team Asado

8. Team Sancocho

9. Team Alfajor

10. Team Acaraje

11. Team Acai

12. Team Tapioca

The event will be streamed on Free Fire’s North America, LATAM and Brazil official platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube and the Booyah! App.

Garena managed to pull together a successful event for Asia and EMEA. The two winners in Battle Royale mode were Tom Yum Kung of Thailand and Team Vareniki of Russia.

It will be interesting to see how the North American and LATAM teams fare against the majority of Brazilian teams in Free Fire All-Stars 2021 Americas.

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