Global gaming streaming platform ‘Booyah’ has announced a new Free Fire invitational tournament called “Booyah Streamer Royale.” 36 streamers have been invited to participate from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They will battle it out for a massive prize pool of $7000 (roughly ₹five lakhs).

The tournament starts today, i.e., 23rd of May, and will be executed in two stages:

1. Qualifiers: 36 teams are divided into three groups of 12. Each group will battle amongst themselves daily, from which the top four teams from the group will qualify for the finals. The Qualifiers will conclude on the 25th of May and stream exclusively on Booyah App at 3:00 p.m.

2. Grand Finals: The top 12 qualified teams from the qualifiers will play six matches on May 26 for the title and prize pool.

Participating teams in the Free Fire Booyah Streamer Royale

1. Total Gaming

2. Team Elite

3. Survivor 4 AM

4. BshowMGR

5. Team Lava

6. SK Gaming

7. Enigma Gaming

8. UG Empire

9. Sk Sabir Gaming

10. Gaming Subrata

11. FL4

12. Team Hind

13. Arpan Gaming

14. Rasmic Raaz

15. Slumber Queen

16. Icon Paul

17. RedOwl Gaming

18. TSG Hard

19. Tonde Gamer

20. Techno Banda

21. Infernoz Gaming

22. Komban Gaming

23. Bindaas Laila Gaming

24. SK Army

25. Alex Bhai Gaming

26. VTG Master

27. Magesh Gaming

28. TGB Singham

29. Itz Kabbo

30. OP Girls

31. Mr. Triple R

32. Helping Gamer

33. SRM Gaming Tamil

34-36 TBD

Free Fire Booyah Streamer Royale viewers reward

Viewers who will tune in to BOOYAH’s official channel during the qualifiers (23 to 25th) can win a lot of items, including Wukong Character, Dab Emote, Not Llama, Loot crate (A.I weapon, scorching sands, loose cannons, skull hunter weapon, urban rager, carnival carnage weapon), and FFWS Yellow pass token.

Those who tune in to the Free Fire Booyah Streamer Royale Grand Finals on May 26 can win FFWS Yellow pass token, Loot crate platinum weapon, booyah tickets, applause emote, monster truck Free Fire world series 2021, and a lot more.

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