Since its initial alpha release in 2017, Free Fire has evolved from strength to strength. This growing popularity sets the tone for a thriving Esports ecosystem, resulting in players taking up the game professionally. Additionally, the vast audience has further expanded the avenues for streaming and content production.

Several gamers have risen to prominence in the community, amassing millions of followers across several platforms.

Free FIre IDs of popular players

Here are the IDs of popular Free Fire players:

Ajjubhai – 451012596

Ajjubhai’s UID is 451012596 (Image via Free Fire)

Ajjubhai is the most subscriber Free Fire YouTube, not only in India but worldwide. His YouTube channel Total Gaming stands at 27.7 million, 2 million ahead of the second-placed content creator. The player also owns the successful esports team – Total Gaming Esports. He also streams the title on his channel and has over 4.69 billion views on all his videos combined.

Amitbhai – 206746194

Amitbhai’s UID is 206746194 (Image via Free Fire)

Amit Sharma, otherwise known as Amitbhai in the Indian Free Fire community, runs the Desi Gamers YouTube channel, which has over 11.2 million subscribers. He is known for his engaging commentary along with his gameplay. The streamer has 1.55 billion views, while his Instagram followers stand at 1.8 million.

SK Sabir Boss – 55479535

SK Sabir Boss
SK Sabir Boss’ UID is 55479535 (Image via Free Fire)

SK Sabir Boss is a popular name in the Indian community, and players admire him for his exceptional skills. The member of the BOSS guild regularly churns out gameplay videos, and his channel – SK Sabir Gaming, has more than 4.5 million subscribers. The player has over 200 videos which have netted him 207 million views.

Lokesh Gamer – 220528068

Lokesh Gamer
Lokesh Gamer’s UID is 220528068 (Image via Free Fire)

Lokesh Gamer has been uploading Free Fire related videos for a few years now. The player achieved the coveted milestone of 10 million subscribers in May 2021. He has already reached 12.4 million subscribers, making him the 3rd most subscribed Free Fire content creator in India. Additionally, Lokesh is also the CEO of Team LR7 Esports.

Gyan Gaming – 70393167

Gyan Gaming
Gyan Gaming’s UID is 70393167 (Image via Free Fire)

Sujan Mistri is known for his engaging Free Fire live streams and gameplay videos. His channel had only about 3.6 million subscribers last year, which has now crossed 11.4 million. His channel was recently hacked and subsequently terminated, but it was quickly recovered. However, some of his previous videos are not available on the channel.

TSG Jash – 123643969

TSG Jash
TSG Jash’s UID (Image via Free Fire)

Jash Dhoka, aka TSG Jash, is the co-owner of the famous Free Fire channel Two Side Gamers and TSG Ritik. The channel boasts more than 8.51 million subscribers, while the video views are around 1.27 billion. Both collectively uploaded Free Fire related videos, which have amassed them a huge fan following.

TSG Ritik – 124975352

TSG Ritik
TSG Ritik’s UID is 124975352 (Image via Free Fire)

As stated earlier, TSG Ritik, aka Ritik Jain, runs the channel with Jash Dhoka. In addition to this, he also professionally plays for TSG in tournaments. Ritik played for the TSG x Scout team at the Free Fire Titan Invitational, where they were semifinalists in the Clash Squad while finishing 11th in Battle Royale.

AS Gaming – 169525329

AS Gaming
AS Gaming’s UID is 169525329 (Image via Free Fire)

Sahil Rana is another big name in the Indian content creator. His channel A_S Gaming has over 13.8 million subscribers, which places him in second place in terms of subscribers. Moreover, he has 1.65 billion views, and a massive 1744 million have come in the last 30 days. The player uploads various challenge videos to the channel.

Badge 99 – 317768081

Badge 99
Badge 99’s UID is 317768081 (Image via Free Fire)

Badge 99, aka Bharat, is one of the fastest-growing Free Fire YouTubers in India. His channel has grown from just under a million to more than 7.5 million in about a year, a 686% increase. Players follow him for gameplay videos and exciting challenges.

UnGraduate Gamer – 256205699

UnGraduate Gamer
UnGraduate Gamer’s UID is 256205699 (Image via Free Fire)

Ayush Dubey is known as UnGraduate Gamer in the Indian Free Fire community. He runs two channels – UnGraduate Gamer, which has recently surpassed the 7 million mark, while UG Empire has 1.8 million subscribers. His videos are accompanied by entertaining commentary.

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