Free Fire Max is an upgraded version of their current flagship title by Garena. This game is expected to raise the bar for Free Fire and bring a varied experience for the player base. Currently, it is in the open beta stages for a few countries but players can try the game by using some tricks.

Garena announced Free Fire Max as a completely new game with upgraded graphics and mechanics but similar core gameplay. The quirky style inculcated in Free Fire will remain constant in this new game as well.

Players are currently unable to play Free Fire Max apart from some nations because the developers have not released it globally. One of the reasons for this is that the game is still in the beta phase and hence, it is easy for developers to manage patches for small regions as compared to the entire world.

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Those who still want to enjoy the game can use a VPN to connect to the countries currently involved in beta testing and then register to play Free Fire Max. Here is how you can download and play the game:

  • Download Free Fire Max OBB and APK.
  • Install the game and then download a VPN supporting one of the following regions: Malaysia, Bolivia or Vietnam.
  • Connect to the VPN and then register in Free Fire Max.

After completing these simple steps, you can play Free Fire Max from any region. We still recommend you to wait for the global release of this game and try avoiding the use of a VPN to play this game.


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