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Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games in mobile gaming. Besides giving a world-class gaming environment to mobile gamers, the developers also give extra rewards to the players.

Starting from the daily redeem codes launched by them or giving rewards during the esports tournaments. The players could use these codes to win exciting rewards such as character skins, gun skins, emotes, and much more. Garena also launches various events to keep the game interesting. 

Free Fire is back with another amazing event. For the third year running Free Fire’s Rampage is back in 2021.

According to the Free Fire community, it is one of the most well-received events in the last 2 years.

This year’s campaign is named Rampage: New Dawn. After the successful Rampage campaigns: Rampage: Redemption in 2019, and Rampage: Uprising in 2020. Garena is partnering with world-renowned DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for a themed song created exclusively for Rampage.

Free Fire Rampage

DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are leading all over the globe. The duo’s power came together to bring a themed song, aptly titled ‘Rampage’. ‘Rampage’ seeks to inspire players to commit to the battle and not back down – be it in Free Fire or beyond.


Set in the futuristic world, New Dawn takes place in a city filled with despair, where four individuals – Drake, Rajah, Speedy, and Aurora – commit to becoming vigilantes that the world needs. During this journey, the group is tricked into lab experimentation where they monitored. The group has been experimented by them as they got stronger, faster, and smarter. Now it’s your task to help them fight against the captors and help escape from the lab. 

You can deck their characters out with the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle, Phoenix Skyboard, and Black Tortoise Pan. To celebrate the event, the players will be awarded a male custom costume bundle, the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle for free when they log in and complete certain missions during the period.

From 26 June, Garena Free Fire is introducing a time-exclusive new mode for Rampage: New Dawn where players can experience the full potential of the 4 protagonists. 

Apart from these rewards, the players could also earn various awards by complete the given set of missions in the game.

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