UAE-based esports organization Galaxy Racer today bid farewell to the coach of its PUBG Mobile/BGMI lineup, Aurum. The announcement came via the various social media handles of Galaxy Racer India.

The organization wished Aurum the best for his future endeavors while thanking him for his contributions.

Galaxy Racer BGMI/PUBG Mobile roster has had recent issues

This announcement was made after a huge ongoing controversy between the BGMI players, management, and coaching staff of Galaxy Racer. Aurum had earlier joined the organization on 18 May, right after the start of the PMPL Season 1 Arabia.

The issue started after completing the PMPL Season 1 Arabia, where the Indian division of Galaxy Racer couldn’t perform to their best. Rumors regarding a rift between the coaching staff and players emerged, which caused chaos and uncertainty in the GXR ranks.

Players also levied several allegations on the coaching staff, and the organization launched an investigation and suspended the coaching staff through the same.

After two months of investigation, Galaxy Racer issued another statement clearing the coaching staff of all wrongdoing due to a lack of evidence. GXR then issued formal warnings to both the players and the coaching staff and stated that the org strived to create a healthy and equal environment for all its employees.

Post that, Aurum was shifted to the Middle East division of Galaxy Racer

Apparently, this announcement did not go well with the players, and the rift widened, post which GXR issued a statement benching three of the five players from the BGMI roster: Owais, Roxx, and Ultron. The company cited a breach of contract and failure to comply with Galaxy Racers’ policies.

MJ and MaxKash, the remaining two gamers, were the only ones kept on the active roster.

The announcement was met with massive uproar from the members and fans of the Indian gaming community. They raised concerns for the mental well-being of the players and the organization’s stringent behavior.

This prompted a follow-up response from Galaxy Racer, where the org shed light on the things they did for the Indian PUBG Mobile scene, including supporting the players during the PUBG Mobile ban.

However, recently, it has been observed that the benched players from GXR have been playing scrims and unofficial tournaments for other sides. This raises a question on their status with GXR.

Additionally, Seervi and Ted, who recently bid farewell to Galaxy Racer, have been seen playing under the GXR name. However, no official announcement in this regard has been made.

The release of Aurum also prompts several questions as to why the organization parted ways with the coach even after the outstanding performance of GXR at the PMPL Season 2 Arabia. It would be intriguing to see what new announcements Galaxy Racer makes in this regard.

Fans of the organization would like to have this mess sorted out by the management of Galaxy Racer as soon as possible.

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