Galaxy Racers India has benched Owais, Roxx and Ultron from their BGMI division for multiple reasons including insubordination, breach of contract and many more. The BGMI roster currently comprises of two other players Maxkash, who is inactive due to medical reason, and MJ will be the only active member on the roster for now.

The Indian division of Galaxy Racers handling Battlegrounds Mobile India roster has been in the limelight a couple of months ago due to multiple rumours stating that its roster will be disbanded or players will be released. Galaxy Racers clarified that these claims were in fact rumours and no such actions will be taken.

According to a report by AFKGaming, Galaxy Racers initially suspended a member of their coaching staff for certain undisclosed allegations but did not take a legal route due to lack in substantial evidence. They also issued formal warnings to resolve this matter.

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Galaxy Racers has once again taken a big step in their Indian division by benching almost the entire roster. Taking Owais, Roxx and Ultron out of the equation, MJ remains the only active player for GXR and hence, the organization might hire more players under their banner.

The official statement reads as follows:

Owais has represented Soul and Fnatic in the past and is one of the star players from India. He and Maxkash joined the old roster of Team Celtz while this new team was formed. The players mentioned above are still under contract with Galaxy Racers and hence, will not be able to play from any other team until the contract ends.

Battlegrounds Mobile India esports is still yet to official kickstart its competitive season but as the roster has benched most of their players, it is highly possible that Galaxy Racers India will look for other players to play alongside MJ in the upcoming BGMI India Series. They have mentioned that further announcements will be made in due time and hence, these speculations remain unverified for now.


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