Free diamonds are a dream of every Free Fire player of mobile. Free Fire players always want to get these diamonds to buy the Free Fire in-game accessories like gun skins, outfits, etc. However, we can only get the diamonds using our real money. But not anymore because, recently Garena has introduced Games Kharido top-up website, which can get you up to 100% Free fire Diamonds Bonus Top up in 2021.

Players first need to purchase top-up plans for the diamonds. After they get their diamonds, they can buy their ingame items in Free Fire store. But, how about if I tell you that, now you can get a double amount of diamond using only the price of a single top-up. Yes, today, I am going to share with you a little secret on how to get 100% Free fire Diamonds Bonus Top up in 2021 using Games Kharido.

Below is Price list of Normal diamond top-up in Free fire:-

There are two Top-up plans in Garena Free Fire-

Monthly Plan for 599-Weekly Plan for 159/-
Benefits- Valid for 30 days
instant 100 diamonds
60 diamonds daily
Total- 1900 diamonds
Benefits- Valid for 7 days
60 Diamonds Daily
Membership VIP Card

GamesKharido for diamonds topup free fire

Games Khareedo is basically a website that provides genuine service to the Free fire players. Recently, the website is giving ways to the Free Fire players only. The online Royal battleground game, Garena Free Fire and Games Kharido has collaborated and brought new top-up plans for their loyal and new players, especially for the new Free Fire players. Now, all the new users of this website can buy their diamonds and get 100 bonus diamonds free on every purchase.
Also, if you don’t have any debit card or google play balance to buy make a purchase from Free Fire, you can purchase any kind of Free Fire diamond top-up with your PayTM from Many players want to buy diamonds with their Paytm money. So, Games Kharido is a genuine website by Garena, from where Free Fire players can buy diamonds with Paytm Cash.

Game Kahrido Free fire 100% bonus top up free fire diamonds bonus

GamesKharido New Top-up Plans For Free Fire Player

  • 40 = Diamond × 50 + Bonus 50
  • 80 = Diamond × 100 + Bonus 100
  • 240 = Diamond × 310 + Bonus 310
  • 400 = Diamond × 520 + Bonus 520
  • 800 = Diamond × 1,060 + Bonus 1,060
  • 1,600 = Diamond × 2,180 + Bonus 2,180
  • 4,000 = Diamond × 5,600 + Bonus 5,600

Note: Every Player has a limit to a maximum of 1 purchase because every plan is a first-time promo code included.

Get 100% Top-up Bonus Diamonds for Free| GamesKharido

Recently Free Fire online battleground game has tweeted on their Twitter handle about a trick that can get you real 100% Bonus diamonds for free. They have mentioned the website called Games Kharido and also asked their new players to collect the 100% top-up bonus diamonds by using this website.

As this is announced by Free Fire, this is no fake trick. Every new Free Fire player will get a bonus amount of diamonds with their first purchase. For Example, if you buy 300 rupees diamond top-up then you will get an extra 250 diamonds as a top-up bonus. Now let’s see how we can avail this trick using the Games Kharido.

Steps to get Free Diamond Top-up Bonus free fire

  • To get your first purchase through Games Kharido and avail the first diamond bonus, follow these below steps I have mentioned-
  • First, you need to go to
  • Then Cancel the Pop-up banner on the screen and Select Free Fire.
  • Get free diamonds with gamrskharido
  • Now you have to Sign up for an account. You can directly log in with your Free Fire game ID or you can enter with the Facebook login.
  • Free Fire Bonus Diamonds
  • After creating an account, Set your payment method.
  • Choose a top–up plan to buy and complete the payment.
  • Important: Don’t forget or mistake your GameID in the process.

Hurray! You have successfully got the free 100% diamond bonus with your purchase. Now you can open your Free Fire game app and check your diamond list. It will not show any glitches and you won’t be needing to contact any support care for this.

How to buy a Top Up in Games Kharido(with Paytm) free fire

Follow these steps to buy any top up plans with paytm from gameskharido

After Choosing the top up plan click on Paytm and Click on Proceed to Payment.

After that you will see an interface like this which is the payment page by CODAPAY. Just Click on Continue.

Now in the next page give your Paytm number and click proceed.

The Next page is for OTP. Fill the blank space with OTP and click on Varify.
And from here, if your Paytm wallet has the money then just click o pay or Add the money from you Debit Card.

Here is how you can successfully purchase a top up plan from games kharido free fire website. Go for the best plan to get the best bonus.

Final Words: Free Fire lovers can directly visit from the mentioned link. You just have to log in with your game ID or Facebook account and choose Free Fire. Choose the Top-up you want. There is 7 variety of top-up available. The payment method is also very easy. is accepting all the Indian cards including Paytm and UPI.

Also, this information is not a trick or a fake idea. This collaboration is true and the Free Fire game itself announced this on their official Facebook Page. You can check the post from here.

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