Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion sees the return of its familiar open-world game activities, one of which you should be well acquainted with: Haikus. This calming side-activity allows you to choose phrases to form a Haiku that best reflects Jin’s current feelings about a particular matter. Completing a Haiku earns you a special headband themed after what was written about.

The Iki Island expansion adds a total of three new Hakiu to write, which earns you three new headbands you can use to accessorize. Below, we detail the locations of every single Haiku on Iki Island.

Waterfall Haiku


The Waterfall Haiku spot is located directly south of Lone Spirit Falls. You’ll see it on a perch by a tree just before the waterfall. It’s always lovely how flowing water can bring a sense of inner peace.

Reward: Headband of Solace

Mountainside Haiku


The Mountainside Haiku spot is located slightly northeast of Tatsu’s Ladder. You’ll see it on a large rock atop a mountain overlooking the ocean–nothing like the ocean to help you accept your place in the world.

Reward: Headband of Acceptance

Wisteria Haiku


The Wisteria Haiku spot is located south of Senjo Gorge in the southern part of Iki island. You’ll see it on a rock overlooking the gorge and some distant purple trees. It’s a beautiful sight in which to meditate upon one’s regrets.

Reward: Headband of Regret

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