Twitch streamer Sukhbeer “EsfandTV” Brar was concerned in a hilarious incident with a Darkish Souls non-player character (NPC) throughout a latest livestream.

Esfand was enjoying the storyline mode on Darkish Souls, an action-role enjoying recreation recognized for its excessive stage of problem. The streamer discovered himself up in opposition to an NPC that he initially had no cause to assault.

Nonetheless, Esfand attacked the NPC, who clearly defended himself. The streamer ended up being killed by the character 4 occasions earlier than the NPC hilariously jumped to his personal loss of life.

Esfand will get what he wished for as Darkish Souls character falls off cliff after killing him 4 occasions

Esfand was enjoying the story mode on Darkish Souls. He discovered himself in a cliffside location and ended up attacking the storyline character in query. As soon as he delivered the primary blow, the character defended himself and proved too sturdy for the streamer.

The NPC in query had “legendary” armor and a sword, and ended up killing Esfand 4 occasions. As one would count on, the streamer bought annoyed and tried quite a lot of methods to combat again. His Twitch viewers watched on as he managed to get himself killed a complete of 4 occasions inside a couple of minutes.

Esfand then claimed that he had an concept – he needed to throw the NPC off the cliff. Nonetheless, the NPC ended up leaping off the cliff on his personal, proper after killing the streamer for the fourth time!

“I bought an concept, I bought an concept. I’m gonna push him off. Wait, did he simply bounce off? Did he simply bounce off? Wait, he simply, wait what?”

Esfand burst into laughter and ended up giving the participant a standing ovation. He commented “god gamer” twice and couldn’t imagine his luck. Because it turned out, the streamer additionally missed out on the legendary loot because the NPC had merely jumped off the cliff. He roamed across the location for some extra time earlier than realizing that he had no approach to purchase the loot.

The 30-year-old ultimately continued with the livestream and located himself combating extra opponents. Esfand is a World of Warcraft streamer who usually performs different video games comparable to GTA V, League of Legends, PUBG, in addition to the Darkish Souls and the Madden collection. He presently has 997k followers on Twitch together with round 4.8k subscribers.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee

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