Alright, I know that a lot of fans are probably incredibly surprised by this development, but that’s only because Justin Chambers is so entrenched in our brains as Alex Karev. His exit from the show may have been very sudden for us, but it did come after he was in the Grey’s Anatomy cast for a whopping 15 years and 350 episodes as one of the leads of the series. My guess, actually, is that this is exactly why Chambers would have jumped at a chance to play such a different role, and to tackle the challenge of playing not just a real person but one who continues to be very much a legend.


And, if you think that one stumbling block is that Chambers looks nothing like Marlon Brando, well, I beg to differ. Take a look at a side by side shot of Justin Chambers and Marlon Brando, and you’ll probably see what I mean:


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