The written information under differs from the video information above in just a few methods. Notably, the written information will get the Private Investigator disguise as early as potential, that means Emma will probably be discovered within the lounge reasonably than within the Greenhouse.

The Private Investigator disguise is definitely the most effective one for this degree: nearly no person will suspect you, and when you full this Mission Story, you could have near-complete entry to any location, save for one room of the mansion.

Use the Contents under to assist leap to the place you need assistance.


You’ll need to begin the extent with a minimum of Coins in your beginning Inventory: you’ll want them early on to get the Private Investigator Disguise as early as potential. Make certain it is in your gear earlier than you begin!

This Mission Story is unlocked just about as quickly as you begin the extent: on the entrance gates you’ll discover the Private Investigator being let into the mansion grounds. Wait for him to be let in by the guards with the intention to settle for the Mission Story information.

Disguise Yourself because the Private Investigator


Your first order of enterprise is to steal the PI’s garments so you’ll be able to pose as him. This is extremely vital for any run in Dartmoor as a result of it really offers you entry to nearly wherever on the map. The trick is that after the PI is contained in the mansion, he’ll spend a very long time inside in plain view of varied guards and workers, making it very tough to Subdue him unnoticed.

The greatest time to seize him is as he’s on his method to the mansion. First, slip by way of the bushes and Vault over the opening within the wall and crouch behind the rocks. Make your means West over the small path within the river (marked in your minimap) and conceal within the pink bushes close to the trail.

Now it’s worthwhile to draw the PI over. This is trickier than it appears to be like as a result of a feminine Staff Member will present up anticipating him, and will probably be trying in direction of the bridge. Therefore it’s crucial you draw the PI far sufficient away that she gained’t see what you’re doing.

So, because the PI finishes crossing the bridge, squat within the bushes close to the big mossy rocks, then throw a Coin between the bridge and the bushes to attract him shut. Once he’s picked up the Coin, throw one other one within the bushes near the river. When he stops to choose it up, Subdue him, ensure that his physique is within the bushes, then take his garments.

You’ll additionally need to dump no matter gun you began the extent with. You’ll be Frisked when coming into the mansion through the entrance door and also you’re not allowed to have a gun on you! Luckily you don’t want weapons for this Mission Story anyway, and you should use different entry factors later too.

Now that you just’re disguised because the PI, return to the trail and speak to the Staff Member, who’ll lead you to the entrance door of the mansion. Walk as much as the door and provoke the Frisking, then head inside. You’ll be talked to by Alexa, the outdated woman of the home, after which Mr. Fernsby, the butler. You’ll need to Start Investigation, after all.

Investigate Zachary’s Bedroom

Mr. Fernsby will now lead you to Level 1 (the second ground) and over to the room. Mr. Fernsby will clarify the state of affairs: Zachary was discovered useless this morning, along with his room locked from the within and a suicide be aware left within the room. Your job is to seek out out what actually occurred.

Enter the room and stroll across the mattress to seek out Zachary’s useless physique. Pull out your Camera, then Scan the Body: the throat markings reveal that he died at 10:00pm the earlier night time to a plant-based poison. You may scan the Whiskey on the bedside desk to the best, however this isn’t important.

Now go to the North-West nook of the room and work together with Zachary’s Laptop to find he was searching for brand spanking new gumboots earlier than he died (1 cent off, what a discount!). Now verify the desk subsequent to the close by hearth to choose up Zachary’s Suicide Note, offering a handwriting pattern.

Now go the South-East nook of the room the place the bookcase is and use Instinct imaginative and prescient to select one of many books: pull it to disclose a secret door right into a hidden room. Walk proper in direction of the two-way mirror, then verify the underside of it to discover a Mansion Floor Plan, revealing that any individual got here through the key passage to stage the suicide.

That’s all of the proof you want, so now it’s a must to ask Mr. Fernsby for extra data. Use the teal mission marker to seek out out the place it’s within the mansion; he’ll be on both Level 0, the bottom ground, or Level 1. Once you discover him, speak to him to start the subsequent stage of the investigation.

Question Suspects and Search Locations of Interest

Now you’re onto the meat of the investigation to seek out out whodunit. Your suspects are Gregory, the elder son, Edward, the moustached man in inexperienced, Rebecca, the lady in blue, Emma, the ginger girl in purple-and-blue, and Patrick, the boy in a white shirt and aviator glasses.

This is among the components that may fluctuate relying on how lengthy you took to get the Private Investigator disguise. If Alexa has already known as the household assembly, then Emma will probably be out within the Greenhouse reasonably than within the Lounge.

We’ll go in a clockwise route round the home, beginning with Patrick within the Library. Talk to him 3 times to study all he is aware of. If Patrick’s on the telephone, stroll to his entrance in order that he sees you and hangs up, letting you speak to him.

Once you’re achieved, it is best to transfer to the Trophy Room: simply head instantly West throughout the mansion and open the doorways right into a hallway, then go left by way of the glass doorways. Rebecca tends to hang around right here, however she does transfer between right here and the Sitting Room throughout the hallway. Talk to her 3 times to study that Emma’s been performing unusual, and is after the manor. You may scan some Paperwork on the desk on the finish of the Trophy Room, however this isn’t required.

Next, head North throughout the hallway to get into the Sitting Room. This is the place George will probably be on the pink sofa, and if the household assembly hasn’t been known as, Emma will probably be right here as nicely. Question them each 3 times, then search for a portrait Photo to scan within the North-West nook, marked by a digital camera icon in your minimap.

Continue heading North by way of one other hallway and into the Dining Room. Here is the place you will discover Edward, who alternates between taking part in the piano and stressing over writing a eulogy for the pretend funeral tomorrow. Talk to him totally, which is able to affirm George’s story about being at a pub and thus rule them out as suspects. You may scan the Speech if you’d like; it’ll be on the eating room desk, or in Edward’s fingers.

Now it’s worthwhile to speak to Patrick’s maid fling and get into the butler’s workplace. To try this, head North from the Dining Room throughout a hallway and into The Kitchen, then undergo the doorway on the best to enter the Staff Room. You’ll need to speak to Rosie, the maid stressing out on the chair. Question her thrice to verify Patrick’s alibi and rule him out of the investigation. That’s all alibis heard!

Gather Evidence Against the Butler

Now it’s worthwhile to get into Mr. Fernsby’s workplace. To get there, go East by way of the door and switch left to seek out the glass workplace doorways. Unfortunately they’re locked, and the bottom line is on the opposite aspect, that means you’ll have to discover a method to power your means in.

Vault by way of the open home windows to the best of the workplace doorways, then go counter-clockwise across the mansion to discover a pair of vans: one beige and one inexperienced. Use Instinct imaginative and prescient to select a Crowbar on prime of the crates subsequent to the inexperienced van. Grab it, then return by way of the open window and open the door.

Before doing something, verify the cabinets to the left of the door to seek out the Mansion Master Key, letting you open any locked door contained in the mansion (however not outdoors it). It’s at this level you’ll be able to collect proof to incriminate the butler: seize Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary from the hearth, and the Lethal Poison Pill Jar from the window sill. This is sufficient to can help you falsely incriminate Mr. Fernsby.

Search Upstairs for Evidence

If you don’t need to accuse the Butler, it’s worthwhile to proceed your search upstairs, which is the place you will discover extra proof and make sure the alibis of Rebecca and Patrick. To begin, return to the principle Foyer and use the left-hand staircase to get to Level 1 upstairs.

You’ll need to go to Rebecca’s Room within the North-East nook of the mansion (it’ll seem like South-East as a result of on the Map, North is true), marked with a photograph icon. Use the Mansion Master Key to enter it.

Here you’ll be able to entry the Laptop on the central desk to verify Rebecca’s alibi of being in a convention name for 3 hours when the Zachary died. There’s additionally Rebecca’s Notebook on the ottoman subsequent to the hearth, however this isn’t important.

You can also discover a canine Painting you’ll be able to work together with to disclose one other secret room. This isn’t required in any respect on your investigation, however is useful if you wish to take the place of the Lawyer within the Small Office.

Now you’ll want to go to Emma and Gregory’s Room: it’s within the South-West nook of the mansion, and likewise marked with a photograph icon. Enter it with the Master Key, then go to the bedside desk to the best of the mattress to discover a Letter from Emma’s Mother, revealing that Emma is an illegitimate little one.

Now face the left of the door and verify between the baggage and the display to discover a Greenhouse Key Chain: with the important thing lacking, that’s your vacation spot after you’re achieved with the mansion. Lastly, you should use the Camera to scan the 2 soiled sneakers within the North-West nook of the room, which is one other non-essential clue.

Gather Evidence Against Zachary

Emma and Gregory’s Room additionally presents a pathway to a 3rd suspect: Zachary himself. Next to the entry door you’ll discover a Walking Cane: decide it up, and also you’ll have the means to entry a secret a part of the mansion. While holding the cane, exit Rebecca’s room and go proper down the hallway, previous the 2 lovers and into the higher a part of the Library the place Patrick hangs out.

Check the ground within the North-West nook of the room to discover a Mysterious Switch, a steel spot on the bottom on the foot of a bookcase. With the Walking Cane, you’ll be able to stab the change and open the key entrance! Walk inside and search the pile of books on the alternative aspect of the room to seek out Montgomery’s Long Lost Letter.

This letter reveals that Montgomery, the murdered older brother of Alexa, wished Alexa to be the inheritor to the Carlisle Empire reasonably than himself. Agent 47 can phrase this data to make it seem to be Zachary did in actual fact commit suicide after he believed Alexa, the popular inheritor, to be useless.

Gather Evidence Against Emma

At this level, it is best to have sufficient proof to border each the Butler and Zachary, and have cleared the alibis of everybody besides Emma, after you discovered a Greenroom keychain with the important thing lacking.

So, your subsequent vacation spot would be the Greenhouse to the West of the mansion. Head all the way down to the lounge the place Edward is, then use the glass door within the North-West nook to exit. As you make your means down the steps, preserve an eye fixed out in your proper for some muddy footprints you’ll be able to optionally scan together with your Camera, much like the muddy sneakers in Rebecca’s room. Continue heading West previous the fountain and to the white Greenhouse.

Now it’s worthwhile to make your means inside, which may simply be achieved with the Crowbar. Just ensure that no person’s trying! If you don’t have the Crowbar, verify the crates subsequent to the inexperienced van on the North entrance of the mansion. Alternatively, if Alexa has already known as the household assembly then Rebecca will probably be contained in the Greenhouse. She generally exits the Greenhouse so you’ll be able to query her, however you too can use her exiting the Greenhouse as a method to slip inside whereas the doorways are nonetheless open.

Inside, you will discover some Boat Keys within the South finish of the Greenhouse for a classy escape route, however the investigation might be sealed by checking the North aspect. It’s right here that you will discover a recently-used Distillation Kit, and a Poison Dosage Table Book to the best of it. This confirms that Emma was the killer!

Meet Alexa Carlisle in Her Office

That’s the total investigation full, so now all it’s a must to do is report your findings to Alexa. Use the mission marker to as soon as once more discover the Butler, Mr. Fernsby, contained in the mansion and conclude the investigation. He’ll lead you as much as Alexa’s Office, which unlocks entry to all the map save for one room!

Sit down within the chair and now you can current your findings. You’ll have three choices that may all persuade Alexa. The most important impact your alternative can have is Alexa’s destiny: who you accuse to Alexa will give considered one of two outcomes after the assembly is over:

  • If you honestly Accuse Emma or falsely Accuse Mr. Fernsby, Alexa will ultimately imagine you. After you select your reward, Alexa will head to the balcony for a second of privateness. Follow her outdoors and you’ll simply shove her off the balcony to kill her! This would require a sneaky getaway, nonetheless.
  • If you falsely Accuse Zachary of committing suicide, Alexa will succumb to grief, and make it fairly apparent that she intends to kill herself. And so she does: she slides off the sting of the balcony to commit suicide herself, absolving your self of any involvement in her demise (besides, y’know, you lied to her).

At the top of your testimony, you will even be requested for what you need as a reward. It’s right here that you would be able to straight-up ASK for the Case File as a reward, skipping having to unravel the secure puzzle. This is the simplest method to get it since Alexa simply offers it to you as a reward!

Locate the Exit

Now it’s worthwhile to make your escape! Depending on the way you killed Alexa on the finish, your escape would require considered one of two methods.

If you falsely Accused Zachary and Alexa slid herself off the balcony, you’re underneath no suspicion in anyway. So so long as you retain the Private Investigator disguise on, you’re free to easily stroll out of the mansion and to any exit you need at your personal tempo. What luxurious!

If you Accused Emma or Mr. Fernsby nonetheless, you’ll want a extra crafty escape route. Right after pushing Alexa off the balcony, run proper to the top of the balcony and Vault over it to hold off the opposite aspect, out of view. To your left is a inexperienced pipe: climb onto it after which slide all the way down to the underside. From right here, hop left onto one other edge and proceed left underneath the window to a different balcony.

Drop down to hold underneath the ledge, then pull your self up. Walk casually previous the guard to get to a ladder: unlock it utilizing your Crowbar. Slide down the ladder, and now you can use any exit you need as long as you keep away from drawing any consideration to your self! Well achieved!

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