In case you’re a gamer, you may definitely think about Steam. For Steam gamers like DOTA, CS:GO, your username in the game issues a LOT. Your Steam name or game name actually turns into your personality in the Steam gaming world.

Despite the fact that it relies upon singular inclinations, gamers regularly give high significance to their game and Steam account name. What’s more, the serious issue with the gaming names is, the thing that you thought cool when you were 17 may be viewed as unusual right now.

Along these lines, in case you’re humiliated by your old Steam account name, it’s an ideal opportunity to transform it. Be that as it may, is that conceivable? Would you be able to change your account name?


Tragically, you can’t change your Steam account name, however the uplifting news is you can change your client name. Here right now, going to investigate some simple approaches to discover and change your account client name. How about we start.

Where Can I Find My Steam ID?

Here’s to discover it:

  • Dispatch any multiplayer game
  • Tap on the Options symbol
  • Pick the Keyboard tab
  • Tap on the Advanced symbol
  • Check the Enable Developer Console symbol
  • Snap on Apply and Ok button
  • Join a server (make one in the event that you don’t have)
  • Presently from the menu screen, press the tilde (~) key (to the upper left-hand corner of the console)
  • Type Status in the comfort content field and hit the Enter key

Changing your Account Name

Indeed, the tragic news is that you can’t change your Steam account name. It is on the grounds that your record name is a numeric identifier and can’t be changed in any condition.

Notwithstanding, fortunately the name showed on your profile isn’t the record name however it’s your profile name, and you can transform it!

Change Your Profile Name

Here’s how you do it-

  • Dispatch your Steam customer and sign in to your account
  • Select the Friends symbol (from the top menu)
  • Presently in the Popup box that shows up, select your profile name
  • Step by step instructions to Change Your Steam Profile Name

Feature your profile name and type over your current name to transform it

Hit the Ok button (to the base) and spare it

Well done! Your new profile name has been refreshed, and your companions would now be able to see you with this name.

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