Pocket Edition of Minecraft is also named Bedrock Edition but from the evolution of the game, Mojang has since updated the name as “Pocket edition”.  This game includes three types of modes like Roguelike, enemy mode, the basic mode with includes of classic Minecraft environment.

This Minecraft Pocket Edition was written in the C++ Programming language. It is a little different from the Windows Minecraft edition because the Windows Minecraft edition was written in Java Programming language. This Bedrock is used in low-end computers and performance-wise might be the best bet but not for high-end computers. Java edition lets you use modes to enhance your Minecraft game graphics comparatively higher than the Pocket edition.

Let’s begin!!

Minecraft is a game of making the world with your ideas and preparing for the adventure of build, mine, battle mods, etc. And this Pocket Edition includes multiplayer mode with support of local wi-fi network, Survival and Creative modes, and random ideas of making world.

Mojang developers added the iconic creepers with the name of the latest update or version. And that iconic creepers are green, mean, big, explody, etc. Minecraft Pocket edition arose loads of new features and listed as_

  • Paintings
  • Beds
  • Spiders
  • Skeletons
  • Chests
  • Swords, bows, TNT
  • Food(With cook and Go hungry if you can)
    And lots more.

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