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Download videos and watch them offline!
All Video Downloader may be a free program which allows you to simply download videos from several streaming websites. Slow internet connection, large file size, and high data costs often cause issues when you’re trying to enjoy some good videos on your PC or mobile
. Downloading videos to observe them at an appropriate time are often an honest solution. one among the foremost popular YouTube video downloaders, All Video Downloader for PC is compatible for video downloads with Vimeo, Dailymotion, and lots of other websites.

Quick, simple, and straightforward to use!

Simply put, All Video Downloader (AVD) may be a program used for downloading videos from several streaming or movie websites. most of the people use AVD for downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook. With many videos on the web , it are often difficult to seek out the proper one. All Video Downloader includes an enquiry function that permits you to seek out videos with ease. While performing searches, the program allows you to filter the web site to avoid irrelevant or nefarious content

All Video Downloader comes in handy in many circumstances. With slow internet connection, large file size, and high data costs, streaming videos are often troublesome. Using this internet video downloader, you’ll download the videos overnight on a Wi-fi connection, ensuring they’re ready for you to enjoy within the morning. After downloads are complete, you’ll watch videos offline with none interruptions.

Simple and straightforward to use

As compared to similar programs like Snaptube and Video Downloader Ultimate, AVD features a simple and clean interface. so as to import videos, you would like to stick URLs within the search bar. Since the program supports execution , it’s easy to seek out multiple videos in one go. This online video downloader allows you to specify the amount of results to be displayed, view mode (small icons or details), search mode (views, date, or relevance), and preferred websites.

Once the search is complete and you download a video, the program provides you with details, including file name, progress, status, and remaining time. To initiate the encoding and downloading process, all you would like to try to to is specify the destination and output format.

Search from many videos

As mentioned earlier, it are often difficult to flick through many videos on the web . All Video Downloader’s search function allows you to seek out videos quickly, and allows you to add video URLs in only a few of clicks. The program filters the content as per your preferences to display relevant results. the straightforward interface gives previews of videos before you’ll download them.

Download videos without much hassle

With All Video Downloader’s batch mode, you’ll add multiple URLs to look and download videos. Additionally, you’ll use a Flash or external video player to start out watching previews. It also allows you to see the outline and details of respective clips. The program allows you to customize settings to line the utmost number of allowed downloads and conversions. From the ‘Settings’ menu, it’s easy to configure proxy settings and disable window animations.

One drawback is that each one Video Downloader uses an honest amount of system resources, slowing down some processes running within the background. Fortunately, the download and conversion process is quick without lags, crashes, pop-ups, and interruptions. The multimedia output is on the brink of the first , and allows you to observe high-quality videos with none issues.

All Video Downloader comes with an annoying restriction. It doesn’t allow you to download quite two videos simultaneously. Moreover, videos aren’t automatically faraway from the program’s download list, forcing you to get rid of each item manually. Although it takes only a few of clicks, doing so before each session are often tiresome.

Since it’s a free video downloader, the developers show numerous ads throughout the download and conversion process. Over time, it is often annoying but doesn’t hurt tons. you only got to take care of the attempts to put in adware during setup. Just click the relevant boxes and you’ll be fine.

All Video Downloader file formats

The best part about using All Video Downloader is the compatibility with multiple file formats. The program supports AVI, MPEG, WMV, and lots of other popular file formats. surely devices just like the iPad, iPhone, PSP, PS3, and more, you’ll choose between a good range of pre-configured settings. It also allows you to manually configure file size, codecs used, and frames per second.

As mentioned earlier, the free version of All Video Downloader allows you to download only two videos simultaneously. While it’s not an enormous deal, it are often annoying for somebody who wants to download tons of videos on a daily basis.

Despite a couple of flaws, this free video downloader may be a straightforward, simple, and easy-to-use program. With the search function, you’ll find many videos online, while the clean interface ensures a seamless user experience.

Download, save, and begin watching your favorite videos!
In recent times, All Video Downloader has been a well-liked choice for downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other similar services. While the program shows quite few ads and limits simultaneous downloads to 2 , it’s fast and straightforward interface ensures you’ve got an honest experience.

Moreover, All Video Downloader comes with ‘Batch’ mode, which allows you to work on multiple files with ease. the great search function, support for multiple file formats, and conversion capabilities make this video downloader for PC a superb choice.

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