TikTok is getting popularity all over the world and it is one of the most famous styles to create and share your short videos in social media accounts. Tiktok has no selection to share images text posts, or any of the other things which other platforms have, TikTok totally depends on the user’s experience to create appealing videos to join with their fans. Many of TikToks video creator has found methods to monetize their content to earn. Here are a few different methods so you can earn money from TikTok videos.

TikTok as a Promotional platform

If you are an influencer or you are already very popular on other social media account with the good follower base then you can use TikTok to jump into a public you might not be reached yet. TikTok viewer are mainly younger fans that you may not be communicating with yet. In Tiktok you can create more videos which are the most popular types of the topic are in trend.

You can use your new audience to divert your direct traffic to your YouTube channel or other platforms to increase your ad revenue. Many TikTokers are uploading their videos to Instagram and Facebook, to approach their audience that might not be a TikTok user yet. Example Just explore #TikTok hashtag on Instagram to see how many big creators are using this platform.

Get Sponsors

when you have gained decent-sized fans following base on TikTok, then you can get sponsorships from companies, but Make sure that your twitter account is showing your business email so possible sponsors can contact you. You can also hire a manager so he can spread your work with more sponsors. The sponsors pay you to promote their product items on your social media platforms so his brand gets good reach to viewers. This is one of the sources of income for most of the big influencers like- Bhuvan bam, geekyranjit and many more.

Sell Merchandise

If you have a big audience base, you should think of selling merch in the kind of shirts, jeans and hoodies, etc. This is also another very successful form of income for big TikTok creator. There are many different types of merch companies to create clothing for your fans likeness.


By Using the live.ly app, you can live stream straight to your TikTok fans. When streaming your video, your fans have the option to send you money in the form of Tips, comparable to how Twitch streamers earn their money. This is the best way to earn money, for those of you that still don’t have a large audience base, don’t worry even with a little number of fans it’s possible to get donations from your fans during your Livestream.

Ad Revenue

TikTok does not have any kind of ad revenue system right now. If you have used Twitch or YouTube, you probably know how you can earn a share of the ad revenue from your video channel. TikTok does not have any kind of ads yet, but they are running to fulfil that soon. That means there are a chance that TikTokers will start to earn money from ads on their Tiktok channel soon.

these tips will help to start monetizing your TikTok fans audience.



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