How to enable dark mode in Instagram, Running in dark mode can help save power (as Google’s research has published), it is also more natural on the eyes at night, the contrast can make the text easier to read and most importantly Instagram looks cool.

Developers have been struggling to update their apps with new colour designs in recent months (Google Chrome, Facebook and Twitter all have received redesign), and Instagram is one of the latest to gain this option.

However, enabling this dark mode in Instagram is not as simple as switching a switch in the app, and it is not yet open to everyone. As head of Instagram Adam Mosseri writes in a tweet, “you need to be running the latest version of the mobile operating system” – which is, Android 10 or iOS 13 – to enjoy the dark tones in Instagram.

Start today, you can apply dark mode in Instagram on iOS 13 or Android 10. Turn dark mode on your phone to examine it out. πŸ‘€October 8, 2019

If you do have one of those operating systems( Android 10 or iOS 13 ), Instagram will change colour automatically when you enable your device’s system-wide dark mode. There’s no way to enable dark mode in the Instagram app itself, but hopefully, in a future update that will change.

If and when that update happens, we will renew this guide respectively with full guidance and explaining how to make that happen

In Apple iOS 13 Enable dark mode for Instagram

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Select ‘Display and brightness’
  • Tap ‘Dark’ to change the theme
  • Launch Instagram

Enable dark mode for Instagram in Android 10 O.S

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Scroll down to ‘Display’
  • Activate the ‘Dark theme’ toggle
  • Launch Instagram

Our phone looks look when we customize it and this black feature looks damn amazing, check this look and tell us in the comment how you feel about this.


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