The Most Used PUBG Mobiel Emulator GAMELOOP, If want to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator or GAMELOOP Emulator Read this Guide in Detail to know How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator Gameloop.

Have you ever Faced any Lag while Playing PUBG Mobile on Gameloop or TGB and Bluestack??

And, tried lots of tricks to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator but not a single trick worked!! If still you failed just stik with this Topic and Read each Tip in detail.

Advice for Low-End PC Owners for How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator Gameloop

As an Emulator is also like an Operating System it takes the same resources of Your Computer as Windows OS takes. I will suggest using Emulator if your PC or Laptop is a gaming laptop or PC. otherwise, you can use the Android OS like Phoenix OS.

How to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator Gameloop Steps:

In this article, I am going to tell you about the PUBG Mobile emulator. To be specific, I will cover some ways to fix lag in PUBG Mobile emulator and much more apart from this. Let dive right in!

Are you excited to know about the Fix of PUBG Mobile Emulator? Do you know, there are many emulators on which you can play PUBG Mobile. In this article, I will tell you about the Gameloop emulator which was also known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator.

If you are using Mobile Phone to Play PUBG Mobile then – Try PUBG Mobile Lag Fix in Mobile Phones

Fix Lag in GameLoop in dr Settings:

Change some Settings in Gameloop Emulator and Play the PUBG Mobile Game or any other Emulator Game on Your PC without Lag.

  • Open the Gameloop emulator and then click on the menu icon on the top right.
  • Now click on the setting tab and go to the Engine tab.
  • Here choose the below setting as per your PC:
  • Choose DirectX, and check all option except the dedicated GPU option if you have an Intel i3 processor and 4GB of RAM
  • Choose DirectX+, and check all option except the dedicated GPU option if you have an Intel i5 processor and 8GB of RAM
  • Or choose Smart mode, and check all options if you have an Intel i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 1060 or above Graphics card.
Gameloop Directx Setting option
  • Anti-aliasing: Close
  • Select Memory: 4096MB if you have 8GB of RAM, and choose 2048MB if you have 4GB of RAM
  • Select Processor: 4, if you have Intel i5 processor and select 2 if you have an Intel i3 processor
  • Resolution: Select as per your monitor
  • DPI: 240 or less as per your mouse movement.
  • Playback: As per your System
  • Recording: As per your System
Gameloop Directx Setting option
  • Now Go to the Game tab and select:
    • Gaming resolution as SD720P, if you don’t have a Graphics card.
    • Gaming resolution as HD 1080P or more, if you have a Graphics card.
  • In the Display quality select Smooth.
  • Now save the emulator setting and open the Emulator.

#1 Change PUBG Mobile In-Game Setting

  • After opening the PUBG Mobile Game login with your Twitter or Facebook account.
  • Now select the setting option in the right corner and then Goto the Graphics section.
  • Now select Graphics as “Smooth” and select “Extreme” in FPS settings.
  • Then scroll down and select “Colorful option” in Game Mode and select Anti-aliasing as “Disable”.
  • Now again scroll down and “disable” the Automatically Adjust Game FPS setting.
  • After that save all the changes and close the emulator.

 #2 Change Settings for Game in Your PC

Delete Temporary Files in PC

Sometimes the cache in the PC make the RAM heavy, you can clear all the cache or temp files to make your PC RAM free and this indirectly help to Fix lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator

Gameloop Directx Setting option

From your keyboard press the WIN+R button and type “temp” and then click on the ok button.

Now delete all the TEMP folder files from your system and then again press the WIN+R button and type “prefetch” and click on ok.

Now delete all the PREFETCH folder files from your system and empty the recycle bin.
Then Restart your system.

Change App Compatibility in Your OS

  • First of all right click on the Android emulaor.exe file.
  • Now click on properties and then click on compatibility
  • Under Compatibility mode select a lower version of Windows.
  • For example: If you are using windows 10 then select Windows 8 or 7.
  • Now click on Run this program as an administrator.
  • After that, click on apply changes and save the properties settings

#3 Update the Gameloop Version

Many times it’s just a bug in the update, and you can fix lag in PUBG Mobile Emulator like in Gameloop by updating the Emulator to the Latest version.

  • To update the Gameloop version, open the Gameloop app on your PC.
  • Then click on the setting option and then click on updates.
  • If there is any update available on the Gameloop app then it will auto-detect it.
  • Once the app detects the update, click on the install the update.
  • After a successful update restarts your PC and then again open Gameloop.
  • Now click on my games and then click on PUBG mobile.
  • Now update the PUBG mobile to the latest version, the current is (0.81.0)
  • Then close the game loop and open the Android emulaor.exe file again.
  • Then wait a few seconds and click on the PUBG mobile game
  • Now enjoy the game LAG free.
Update the PUBG Emulator to Latest version
Update the PUBG Emulator to Latest version

That’s is all done now; I hope you liked this article, share this article with your friends who play the PUBG mobile game on their PC.

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