Free Fire has announced that players stand a chance to get the exclusive Blue Flame Draco AK skin for free. It is a reward for the Fastest Finger First event on August 15 during the Free Fire City Open National Finals.

The game has vast captivating gun skins that usually improve a particular attribute of the gun skin besides enhancing appearance. Additionally, the game features a specific set of Evo gun skins that boast a specific set of privileges.

This includes animation, appearances, exclusive emotes, further enhancement of attributes and more. These will be unlocked as players further upgrade their gun skins. Since Blue Flame Draco AK is one of the most demanded Evo gun skin, this event offers the perfect opportunity to users.

Free Blue Flame Draco AK skin in Free Fire

As stated earlier, Blue Flame Draco will be up for grabs as part of the Fastest Fingers First event at the FFCO National Finals on August 15, 2021.

For this event, the developers will create two custom rooms during the breaks between the matches. The first 12 players to join each lobby will win exclusive Blue Flame Draco AK skins.

The room ID and password will be shared by the casters and will also be displayed on the screen during the break. The prizes will be awarded in the order of joining the lobby.

The specifics of the same have been listed below:

  • Top 3 winners – Level 7 Draco AK skin
  • 4th to 7th place – Level 4 Draco AK skin
  • Last 5 – Level 1 Draco AK skin

According to the rules, players must not leave the lobby until it is disbanded, so that the admin can note down the Free Fire ID. The rewards will be sent directly to players’ account.

Players can also get Shake it up emote if the live watching crosses 200k (Image via Free Fire)
Players can also get Shake it up emote if the live watching crosses 200k (Image via Free Fire)

Further, contest users will also receive 20x Green Balloon Tokens. This is necessary to claim the Blue Blaster Bundle from the Independence Day event.

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